Chapter 17

Yet, Arielle remained emotionless as if she weren’t the least bothered.

And that was the truth; she truly couldn’t care less about being forgotten by Vinson.

She knew that the Southalls wanted connections with the Nightshires because of their elite social status. Despite this, that prestige wasn’t what she wanted or needed.

So, it didn’t matter whether Vinson remembered her at all.

Shandie scoffed when Arielle didn’t react to her.

Liar! Keep acting like you don’t care then, Arielle. I bet that deep down, you’re crying like a big baby who’s hurt about the whole thing. Serves you right!Vinson would never be interested in a plain country bumpkin like you!

Little did the four Southalls know, Vinson’s eyes had burned holes in the back of Arielle’s head for quite some time.

He stayed that way until Arielle boarded her flight. Only then did he let out an intrigued chuckle.

Beside him, the assistant’s eyes nearly bulged out of their sockets.

What’s going on?Mr. Nightshire never laugh. He’s usually unsmiling, and some would even say intimidatingly distant. I can’t believe he’s chuckling to himself now.Also, this isn’t sneering laughter. No. It’s more genuine, like an amused laugh that comes from deep within one’s chest. It’s been ages since I last saw Mr. Nightshire laugh like this.

While the assistant was deep in thought, Vinson’s voice suddenly sounded. He asked, “Did you notice a difference between her and the others?”

There were three women in that family. Which is he referring to?

The assistant had worked alongside Vinson for several years now, so he knew better than to ask Vinson outright. He pondered for a while before recalling that Arielle had dressed differently from the others.

Then he answered hesitantly, “Indeed. The other three have donned well-known designer brands while that young lady’s clothes… Well, they seem like some


randomly bought clothes from an unknown stall.”

Even with such a sharp observation, Vinson still shook his head.

The assistant instantly stiffened in shock. Did I guess wrongly? Was Mr. Nightshire not referring to that lady?

Just as the assistant felt flustered, Vinson’s voice spoke up once again. “I’m not talking about her clothes.”

a sigh of relief since he had at

he frowned in confusion. “If it’s not the clothes,

Vinson’s facial expression returned to its usual indifference. “It’s nothing.

dare to probe any further, so he continued with

in the same row. Henrick had been in a foul mood ever since Arielle’s stunt. Because of this, he ordered Arielle to carry out several mindless tasks throughout the flight. She was told to

assumed that she was merely their

bothered with doing all those tasks. All she did was comply with Henrick’s request without

Henrick couldn’t hold it in anymore. He boomed icily, “Enough! Get over

“I thought you said that you helped Mr. Nightshire. So

a small favor then,

faltered as he looked at Arielle.


thing. If only it were Shandie who knew Vinson… she would have immediately caught on to my intentions and tried to get

talk about this later. There’s

nodded obediently. With eyes rounded and lips parted, she feigned a child-like innocence

approached them. “Good day, Mr. Southhall. According to your flight mileage, we’re able to give you a

not only out of stinginess but also because

bounced onto his feet. “Thank you. Please lead

and Cindy

he immediately explained,

temples started to ache. Then who will go with us

Shandie or Arielle?

that Arielle isn’t very quick-witted. She won’t be of much help at all. Plus, we’re heading to Shandie’s awards ceremony. So why

face turned grim before he

Arielle and explained in a matter-of-fact tone, “I can’t help that there are only three seats. We’ll still see each other once the plane lands. Ergo, it’s not all that

stared intensely

her chest, but she couldn’t show it on


Cindy and Shandie

Arielle pressed her lips into a tight smile and


a good distance away, she taunted in a low voice, “It seems like Dad loves me more. You’ll have to work harder to catch up now! I’ll be off to the first-class cabin, so you rest up here in economy-class,

teeth at how Shandie

“You’d better hurry

panicked upon seeing Arielle’s

she grabbed her bag and shot straight for first-class, fearing that Arielle would somehow end up

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