Chapter 30

Arielle acted as if she was not aware that Cindy was reporting her to the cops.

Soon, a cop stationed at the airport arrived alongside the medical team.

Arielle seized the opportunity and walked up to Shandie, then grabbed her by the arm when the latter was not paying attention.

Once again, Shandie roared in pain. She pushed Arielle away and screamed, “Mom! She did it again!”

When Cindy was about give Arielle a slap on the face, the cops arrived. Cindy had no choice but to stop. “Get her! She broke my daughter’s hand!”

The cop took a glance at the innocent-looking Arielle and wondered if she was capable of doing that.

“Doctor! Please examine this lady to see if she’s all right,(This novel will be daily updtaed at” the cop turned to the medical team and said.

hand and said, “Take a look at my hand. It hurts

a thorough examination. After some time, the doctor

Shandie asked, “Is there something

exploded. “Nab this woman right

Arielle said, “Can you please show me some respect,

her and raised her voice. “How did I defame you? You

brows. “Please watch your words. Let’s see what the doctor has

seeing how calm Arielle

pointed against Arielle, Cindy believed there was no way

to jail,

doctor, “So

joke? You think we have nothing better to do but to solve your

for a moment. “What do

“There’s nothing wrong with her hand.

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