Chapter 33,A Beauty with Multiple Masks

Yvette approached the pit bull and said something to it, which had managed to calm it down as if it understood her. While the housekeeper was brought for treatment, Yvette led Magnus, her dog, to the main gate.As she was on her way, she noticed Arielle standing outside the metal gate. Though she could not see the other woman’s face due to the distance, she could feel Arielle’s unique charisma. Even so, she was unbothered.

Shandie had described Arielle’s physical appearance to her, but she could not care less because she was confident that she was the prettiest woman in the whole of Jadeborough. In no time, Yvette had arrived at the gate, and this time, she could see Arielle’s face as clear as day. 

Arielle was indeed flawless. Although she was  wearing an extremely ordinary outfit, she still looked breathtakingly graceful that even the word “gorgeous” could not begin to describe this woman. Yvette’s eyes went as round as a plate the more she studied Arielle.

What the hell.

How could a country bumpkin like her be this stunning? On top of being such a beauty, her charisma is also splendid. Maybe even more so than methe prettiest woman in this city. How could this be? Are my eyes playing tricks on me? In an instant, jealousy took the better of Yvette.

anyone notices her beauty, I must get rid of her! On the other hand, Arielle noticed Shandie behind an insufferable-looking blonde woman holding a big dog. “What the hell are

to the gate, which landed on the ground. “You

gradually turned indifferent. “Who are you? Did your mom not teach you any manners?” “Who

just to seek the real reason behind her mother’s death and why the Moores had become the Southalls. From the looks of it now, I can’t take a step

you really want to do this?” she questioned coldly. Despite her tone, Yvette was not frightened. Shandie, however, felt fearful when she noticed

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