Chapter 150

Back at the hospital, Grace was filled with anxiety, her mind in chaos.

She recalled Chloe’s eerie words and anxiously bit her nails while pacing in the hospital room.

“No… I can’t let this continue like this! Chloe is now the heiress of the Thorp Group, and she’s cunning and devious. She already knows about my time in Nialzuct, and she might dig up more soon!”

She couldn’t sit idly by, she had to take action!

So, Grace nervously dialed Yates’s phone.

It rang for a while before someone answered, “What’s the matter, calling so late…

“Yates! Chloe is investigating me right now, and she might soon discover your connection to me!”

Grace’s eyes were red with anxiety, her throat dry as if it were on fire. “You must leave Medo immediately, the sooner, the better!”

“Hmph… You’re not trying to get rid of me, are you? Let me tell you, if I can’t get the money, I won’t give up.”

“If Chloe finds out about your connection to me, my engagement with Joseph will be completely ruined! By then, you won’t get even 700 thousand dollars!” Grace gritted her teeth and growled.

“Alright, alright… I’ll trust you this time. But don’t play tricks, or…”

“I promise you won’t get any less money than I agreed to! Let’s avoid unnecessary complications for the time being and not contact each other!”

After saying that, Grace hung up the phone, but her hand was still trembling

She calmed herself down and called her mother, Willow.

“Mom, come to the hospital right away. I have something important to discuss with you!”

On the other side, the phone belonging to Yates was now black-screened.

Yates had been confined in the underground cellar for these past few days, closely guarded, with no way to escape.

But fortunately, he had successfully moved from a hanging position to a seated one. Even this small change made him feel like kneeling down and kowtowing to Chloe.

After all, if he continued to hang upside down, he might end up with a brain hemorrhage and become a vegetable.

“Not bad, I see your acting skills are getting better and better.” Chloe handed the phone to Jordan, raising an eyebrow teasingly.

“No no no… working for Miss… it’s only right.” Yates’s face turned pale, fearing that his head might roll off.

the use of two fingers, becoming disabled, and he didn’t

days, it will

elegantly. “By then, I’ll need your cooperation to stage


to prison for rehabilitation. If you don’t perform well. punishment

my command!” Yates’s cold sweat was flowing, and he nodded like a chicken pecking at

smiled, ‘I heard you’ve been eating only one bun every day? Tsk tsk, how

“Yes, Miss

Jordan placed a food

buns but also a roasted chicken and a battle

days of eating only cold buns, Yates’s face had turned green with hunger.

stared at the roasted chicken

It’s a reward from me.” Jordan said coldly, placing the plate in front of him

Chloe with tears in his eyes and asked mournfully, “Miss… is


out of the “black cell,”

go, back home.”

prepare a meal for

eyes had a hint of redness as he

Grace, I need Yates’s assistance.”

yawned and said, “These days, he’s been suffering here, and he

when he’s on the brink of a breakdown, he’ll be grateful to me


put in all his effort to take revenge on her.”

“Miss, you’re brilliant!”

help but praise her, then chuckled, “I can’t wait to see them tear each other

One week later.

with her work. She decided to reward herself

The hotel had been thriving, and business was booming. Not only had it successfully passed the star rating assessment without losing any stars,

of the Year,” a title that the Sawle Group’s hotel had held for five consecutive years. It

the turn of the tide, Chloe was here, and it was

interviewed by three well-known domestic media outlets. Jordan had never expected that Miss would make a public appearance,

had her reasons for doing

she wanted to become the CEO of the KS Group, her status as Stefan’s beloved daughter might not be enough to win over everyone. So she couldn’t

as a stepping stone, and she was determined to

streak in her game. She was about to call Jordan to bring her more coffee when she realized

and Grace’s birthday banquet was just two days

smiled as she tapped her

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