Chapter 1418

Quinn blushed even harder.

She had no idea how things stood between herself and Sam as of yet, but it was definitely not at the stage of having children.

Sam was getting embarrassed too and quickly said, "You don't have to worry about us-we get it."

"I really think you don't," Lindsay huffed. "Your children would be running around now if you did your job!"

"Mom!" Sam cried, speechless. "Cut it out."

"Fine, I'll stop-but I must warn you, Sam, you're not getting a better woman if you lose Quinn. You'd be forever alone, regretting it for life!"

"I know.” Sam snorted impatiently, but he was not arguing the point.

Nearby, Ryan was left glowering as he listened and suddenly got up to leave the drawing room.

Everyone turned toward him because of his sudden departure, and Sam naturally knew what Ryan was upset about.

turned to glance at Quinn, who was staring as Ryan

just a knee-jerk reaction and nothing else, and when she sensed Sam

gaze, as if telling him wordlessly

but he

had really gotten over Ryan, had she

and Lindsay were surprised for a couple of seconds after Ryan left too but never mentioned him. They were mostly discussing Marvin's birthday and urging

9 PM-they normally never headed home this early since they often worked overtime. As such, they would usually be exhausted

however, coming home early meant things got

had become embarrassing for them to be in each other's company, even when they were looking in each

quiet, Quinn began, 'TH be going with your mom to help organize your dad's birthday banquet, so

"Okay." Sam nodded.

on the right track now, so don't work overtime unless it's important," Quinn added.


with that, they

take her time with

so it could be just her. That was

just did not feel

said, "It's late. I’m going back to

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