#Chapter 421 – Thanks, but No Thanks


I’m quite tired when evening approaches in the refugee camp and Cora comes to my side, placing a hand on my back and telling me that we should probably head home. I sigh, looking around, knowing that I can do more but…

“I get it, Ells,” she says, looking around with me. “But there’s only so much we can do. And you’re a queen and a mom as much as a healer now. You’ve got to find a balance.”

“Is it normal to feel guilty?” I ask my sister, who has been working to heal people for much longer than I have. ” When you prioritize yourself, and other things, even though you know you can help people who are suffering?”

“It is,” Cora says with a little sigh. ”

But you, my big-hearted sister, probably feel it more keenly than most.

“Yeah,” I say, glancing over at Hank. ” He, for instance, compartmentalizes well.”

“Don’t count Hank out,” she says softly, shaking her head. “He’s got a big heart too. Maybe just…hides it better.”

I turn my head a little, considering him, considering her point. And then my heart aches for him again as I think of how disappointed he was when Cora left him for her mate – because as much as he loved her, we know now that he never stood a chance. Cora and Roger were written in the stars.

But is there someone out there for Hank too?

I hope, quite desperately, that there is. He’s so good, and he deserves that, like the rest of us.

“Ready, Luna?” Conner asks, coming over and bringing my baby with him, who reaches for me with his little grasping hands.

“Sure am!” I say, taking my baby and cuddling him close. Cora laughs and leans in as well, fussing over Rafe and I can see thinking about her own little baby, who will be here so much sooner than she realizes. Together, we start to walk out of the tent, but as I turn I hear a little voice calling me back.

and I turn and laugh to see little Benny

falling to one knee and wrapping him in a hug as he

making me smile as he adjusts a set of glasses on his nose. Then, he

Benny can see him better. “What do you

at this, honestly charmed. “He’s

his eyes going wide as they’re still fastened on Rafe. ” This

next to us. “Who are you?” Benny

introduces herself as my sister and Benny narrows his eyes at

eyebrows going

that means,” Benny replies, blinking at her and making me laugh again, “but she told me she has a human sister,” he continues, nodding towards me. “So, you can’t turn into a

a little shrug. “But I’m going to have a baby soon,” she says, her hand settling on her stomach, “and he’s going to

Benny says, his own eyebrows going up now. Then he takes a moment

real laughter at this, falling back a little with the force of it so that Cora has to reach out a hand and steady me as she grins between

grinning at Benny, as delighted as I am.

to sneak out of bed – Dr. Hank said two more days of bed rest

set me off laughing again and Benny turns to grin at me. He

his mother again, but I do my best not to let it show in my

down at him and giving me a wink. ” Maybe we’ll have Dr. Hank come and look

back to bed, calling his

Cora, sighing

over at her in surprise to see a big grin on her face as she watches the

“Really?” I ask.

with a smile. “So full of life, ready to question everything even

pleasure show on my face at the compliment. Because even if Cora meant it as a compliment for Benny…well, he’s just so damn cute, and vivid, and determined that I can’t

around my shoulder and turning Rafe and I towards the entrance to the

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