After Dirvorce I become a SheEO Chapter 5

Chapter 5 Ruin the Adulterers

Simon saw a paternity test, and the applicant was Norah.

It was said that according to the current information and the DNA results, Simon wasn’t the father of the baby.

In an instant, Simon was stunned.

Not only was this paternity test in this folder, but there was also a series of certificates issued by the hospital.

This was a paternity test conducted after Norah had been pregnant for sixteen weeks.

Bang… Simon looked very fierce as he punched the front seat heavily.

“Go to the hospital,” he said coldly.

Eden driving the car was slightly stunned. “Mr. Russo, it’s an important meeting about the repair of Snow Building.”

“I said to go to the hospital. Don’t you understand?” Simon roared.

“Yes.” Eden quickly turned around and headed to the hospital.

After Zayla walked out of the courthouse and headed to the nearby parking lot, the sunlight fell on her through the trees.

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