After Dirvorce I become a SheEO Chapter 8

Chapter 8 What Tricks Are You Playing This Time?

“They are wasting everyone’s time with this announcement! It’s just like an unflushed toilet, full of shit!”

“Shit! His wife has become his ex! It explained everything!”

“He treats her like his sister? They always say that!”

“That’s true!”

It turned out that the Russo Group shouldn’t have made this announcement.

They made this response probably because they feared that their stock price would drop

too little tomorrow, and they wanted it to fall as much as it could!


The internal telephone was smashed to pieces.

Simon’s eyes were filled with anger. He growled, “The whole public relations department is fired!”

Zayla saw the trending topic, her expression was calm. Everything was exactly what she

she put down the mobile phone, she began to

the team made for the bidding was completely dismissed by Zayla, and they had to start it

lights in the studio stayed on for several days in a row. She worked with the team around clock

the plan, a thick stack, Zayla went

Snow Building was burned by the fire,

property, it was also one of the most famous ancient buildings in Houston. It was Houston’s face, and it was

at all, so there were only two companies bidding for the

world–famous construction projects, and

one was an unknown studio, Twilight Studio. There was nothing to say it except


Studio has only been established for six years, where do they get the courage to compete with

client is afraid that our company will become a monopoly, so they got us a competitor.

for sure. Twilight Studio is just here

the bidding began, the audience

be live–streamed. At this time, the comment

on the side of the

high heels, Zayla entered everyone’s sight with

took off her sunglasses and gently shook her hair. She looked so sassy with her fiery

shocked. They nudged

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