After Dirvorce I become a SheEO Chapter 19

Chapter 19 Simon Can Only Save One

It was Norah’s last bargaining chip, and she knew that she must have almost ended and become completely desperate. So Norah tried to trap Zayla!

But what Norah never expected was that Linda had listened to Zayla and already released the second video!

The video showed that Norah herself had drunk the aborticide!

The students and the university officials who were watching also saw the latest trending topic.

They began gossiping about the matter…

“Didn’t Norah drink it herself? Did she try to trap others?”

“The bottom right corner of this video shows that it happened on the afternoon six days ago!” “Did she think we were blind? She drank the medicine and her bottom body was covered in blood. She was sent to the hospital by an ambulance, but did she still try to frame others who were innocent here?”

Norah heard the gossip around. She opened her eyes wide and tried to speak. “How … how is it possible? How could you have a video… How could it be…” Norah ran out of her mind and kept shaking her head!

Zayla pulled her wrist away and sneered. “No secret will be forever a secret. Don’t do anything wrong. Didn’t you understand it?”

Then Zayla turned around and left!

Norah had completely ended in such a miserable way.

“Ah!” Norah completely lost her mind. Just as she rushed towards Zayla, the guard team from the security department arrived in time and stopped her!

ceremony of the University of Houston, as well as the 100th anniversary. However, it was

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Administrative Building. I will go to the Academic Affairs Office

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She fainted.

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