After Dirvorce I become a SheEO Chapter 22

Chapter 22 The Little San Was Arrested on Suspected Kidnapping

Suddenly, his cell phone rang.


“Brother, where are you? Parents are fighting, you should hurry home!”

There was a loud “bang bang bang” sound from the other end of the phone!

Simon remembered that today was the day when his mother and sister returned home.

“I see.”

He looked solemn, sighed, and turned to Russo Villa.


Simon arrives at Russo Villa.

the face

him, he was so angry that he covered his face and scolded

is one year older than you, but he is also your

causing such a big divorce?

can’t even

for a mother to scold her

Russo followed suit, and said, “How wonderful Zayla is! Unlike some coquettish sluts, who know how to use the meat in their stomachs to rise to the top, it seems that she is the only one in the world who can give birth

at “Lucy” and said firmly: “Mom, marriage

mean, I’m just worrying about

his son, and said, “It’s a foregone conclusion. In my opinion, Zayla is not doing well. She only got divorced for a few days, and she is robbing Simon for the

education for five full years. How much can such a dishonest woman love Simon? She came from the mountains, after all, she

sofa when she heard

out of your mind? Norah Pollard is not pregnant with your son’s breed! Your son is almost a successor,

a headache from “Lucy yelling, he looked

“Yeah.” Simon nodded.

answer shocked Palmer

with you, and you have a good relationship

tonight and was taken away by the

cold, without any warmth at

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