After Dirvorce I become a SheEO Chapter 26

Her heart sank, as if sinking into the cold sea.

She never expected… the brother she had called for more than twenty years was not her real brother?

Zayla felt buzzing in her ears, she didn’t have time to think any more, Stephen Vargas and walked outside.


she dragged

Walking all the way to the yard, Stephen Vargas held Zayla’ wrist with a backhand!

Holding her cold wrist in warm hands, she frowned in distress.

“I knew that nine years ago.”

Zayla trembled, turned to look at Stephen Vargas, looked at his doting eyes, and suddenly didn’t know what to do…

“elder brother……”

“I was abandoned by my biological parents when I was born, and my parents kindly adopted me. I was afraid that you would think too much, that you would deny your brother, and that you would cry like this, so I kept it from you and didn’t tell you.”

Stephen Vargas’ tone was very relaxed, and he raised his hand to gently wipe away her


for so long, for so

many younger sisters when they knew the truth, but he never imagined that it would be under such erroneous

lip, she

a good-natured man like Dad have an extramarital affair?

his biological parents, not from the Vargas family, he was the saddest, but the first thing he thought of

I not recognize

were red again, and tears were streaming

my brother’s heart hurts

Get Bogey

his heart with his hands, made a heart-piercing expression, and teased

seeing his

crying, I recognize you as my sister, okay?” Stephen Vargas coaxed her with a smile,

was a child, Zayla always took him to cosplay, and

sister every time.

every time she cried, Stephen Vargas always called her sister, coaxed her,

and made her happy.

Let her hear the same as when she

over and whispered

like she did

smile ever.

Trevino also rushed out after hearing the movement, but they didn’t expect to hear the conversation between the brothers and sisters. Looking at them at this moment, the two also

later, and it is a good thing that the brother and sister can still be so close after knowing

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