Chapter 590 The Final Chapter

“Nothing will happen to them if you do exactly what I say.However, if you don’t, Mr.Quincy will go to prison within half an hour, and I can guarantee you that he won’t survive the night.As for your children, I would expect them to suffer a lot if their parents aren’t around to take care of them.”

“You’re despicable!” Madeline cursed.

Suddenly, something like a portal appeared in the sky.

Lone Wolf gawked at the scene that looked like it was lifted from a fantasy movie and could not say a word.

“There’s no time.Let’s go!”

Madeline grabbed Lone Wolf’s hand and prepared to dash into the “portal.”

Ezekiel ordered the bodyguards to intercept them.

While they were fighting, Ezekiel laughed loudly and declared, “At last, it’s finally here!”

As the “portal” shrunk, Ezekiel grabbed his son’s hand and jumped toward it.

However, what awaited them was not a fantasy world but a deadly lightning storm.

The bodyguards were shocked when they saw Ezekiel and his son struck by lightning.

“They killed Mr.Johnson! Capture them!”

The people from the Johnson family surrounded Madeline and Lone Wolf.

Lone Wolf wanted to escape with Madeline, but Madeline stood there and did not move.

“Are you out of your mind?”

Lone Wolf yelled while looking warily at his surroundings, worried another “portal” might appear next to them.

Madeline gazed at him calmly.

Suddenly, an army of bodyguards appeared from the forest and surrounded the bodyguards from the Johnson family.

The Johnson family was quickly subdued and brought away from the mountain.

As for Ezekiel and his son, Madeline informed the Johnson family to collect their bodies.

Lone Wolf was surprised to find that Madeline commanded such influence.

He considered himself lucky for not mistreating her.

Otherwise, he might have already been dead in a ditch somewhere.

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