Read Alpha Asher [by Jane Doe] Chapter 21 – Little did I know, no one in the pack would be getting restful sleep tonight.

Another one of our own was d**d. M******d in the same exact fashion as Katie.

What was equally troublesome was the location of Kanyon’s body. It wasn’t a coincidence he was positioned in our back yard up against the tree. What was even more startling were his eyes. They seemed to be looking right into my bedroom, straight at me.

The first thing I did was alert Alpha Asher and his men.

There would be no explaining this way, no keeping the scrutinizing looks from falling on my shoulders. The coincidences alone were too much.

First, Tyler vanishes with his mate. It was common knowledge that Tyler and I were together. Second, the position of Kanyon’s body was too perfect. It position and the m****r was simply too close to home, literally. The nature of Kanyon’s d***h brought Katie’s into question. There wasn’t a chance in h**l a rogue would m****r Kanyon and position him outside someone’s house. Rogues simply didn’t do things like that.

The second thing I did was wake up everyone in the house. It was bound to happen eventually once Alpha Asher and his men filtered into the backyard.

And here we were, ten minutes later.

Sean sat on the couch, his head in his hands. Kanyon had been a friend of his.

I was in the blissful stage of trauma where you became numb to everything. The scarlet blood staining Kanyon’s body and the earth had little effect on me. The glassy look of h****r in his eyes couldn’t reach me, nor could the petrified look on his face.

Grandma did what she does best, she tended to the rest of us. Even though it was one in the morning, Grandma set to work pulling out some baked goods and handing us each a mug of hot cocoa.

“How-” Sean finally spoke after what felt like hours of silence, “How could a rogue do this?”

“Isn’t it obvious?” I frowned, trying to keep my tone gentle for Sean’s sake. “A rogue wouldn’t do this.”

Grandma’s lips were pursed, something she only did when stress began to eat away at her. Dad had a similar expression on his face, but he was many shades paler than usual.

“I need to take a look at him.” Sean huffed, standing from the couch.

Sean was clearly in the denial phase. I did what I could to keep Sean and Grandma from looking at the body. Dad insisted seeing it for himself, resulting in his pale and pasty complexion.

“No you don’t.” I shook my head, “Seeing him won’t change anything.”

“Listen to your sister.” Dad huffed, his voice deep and rough with sleep. “You’ll be better off not lookin’.”

“What else am I supposed to do?” Sean let out a frustrated growl, “I can’t just sit here while someone- while something is k*****g off our friends.”

“There’s nothin’ you can do at this moment to fix anything, Sean.” Dad mumbled, not meeting our eyes. “Sometime’s you just gotta be angry and leave it alone.”

I had almost forgotton Dad had lost his wife, our mom, just a few weeks ago. I had been so caught up in my own life, I hadn’t paid much attention to his.

“Why was he sitting there like that, Lola?” Sean mumbled dangerously, “Why was he sitting just outside your window?”

“How am I supposed to know that, Sean?” I frowned, “I don’t know any more than you do.”

“Are you sure about that?” Sean grimaced, putting the pieces together. “Tyler magically f**king disappears and people start d***g. Then one of them- my friend’s corpse was sitting outside your window.”

“Sean, you need to calm down.” Dad barked, getting up from his recliner in a huff. “The only one at fault is the d**n thing doing the k*****g.”

“You should’ve never come back.” Sean growled, his eyes darkening.

I flinched, feeling a blow to my stomach. What hurt the most was the fact that I believed him. The pack was in mourning before I had come back, and now they were in mourning again.

“Enough of that!” Dad growled, “Don’t put the blame on your sister.”

Sean stormed out the front door, shooting one last rueful glance at me and Dad.

Grandma pulled me into her arms. I hadn’t realized I’d been crying until a

and hurt.” Grandma murmured, “He

Lola. Just

I murmured, wiping the stray tears from my

wiped my tears away and composed myself in

glances. Dad and Grandma were keeping something from me. It could’ve

pulled out of Grandma’s arms and glanced between

“If it has anything to do

in their eyes, and for just a moment I felt guilty. That guilt

my lips, a hasty knock sounded on the front

over and opened it, letting Alpha Asher and

and Grandma, finally settling on

gonna look over the body.” Alpha Asher informed the three of us, “I’ll be back to ask some

Dad, giving me another opportunity to demand what they know. Unfortunately,

One of his men

originally from Asher’s pack.

kept to the background, especially after making it known he didn’t care

throw Logan and his family out of the pack, but his Dad

long night.” I nodded, leaning back on

open it. Mason’s frantic face was the first thing I saw. Dad grumbled something unintelligible and let Mason

just heard what happened.” Mason grimaced, “You don’t

Dad and Grandma. I was

shook my head, “I

happening, she said she’ll be over soon.” Mason frowned, walking over to where I

hesitation, Mason lifted my legs and sat down,

outside your window?” Mason murmured to me quietly, his fingers tracing patterns on my

at me.” I mumbled in the same

rogue a****k anymore.” Mason frowned, “Something serious is


the back door. Asher radiated an aura of control and dominance. There was no questioning who was in charge of the entire

Asher nodded to my Dad,

raked over Mason. While other’s probably didn’t

patterns along my skin. While the action was harmless, it was quite relaxing. I couldn’t deny I wasn’t getting some smug satisfaction from the look on

ask you.” Alpha Asher’s voice

night and the unimaginable h****r

wear off soon, and I wanted to be asleep before that happened. Without a doubt, the events of tonight would hit me like a freight train tomorrow,

private.” Alpha Asher growled, raising

giving a tired sigh

knocks.” I called out to Mason and turned my

to my bedroom. While part of my mind fantasized about

behind me and wandered back to the window. The numbness was quickly wearing off, and the

cool glass of the window. Kanyon’s

could still see the crimson blood staining the grass, splashed against the

here.” Alpha Asher’s voice

I frowned, turning away from the window

was quiet for a moment, his eyes

over here.” Alpha Asher pointed out,

was saying, but it

means, he was placed here on purpose.” Alpha Asher was getting

close proximity. The numbness was gone, and my head was swimming. I knew what Asher was implying,

nor was the particular placement

was searching my eyes, looking for any sign of dishonesty. I was too tired to cover any

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