Read Alpha Asher [by Jane Doe] Chapter 19 – I leaned against the brick wall and tried to calm my erratic heart. I had once shivered under the cool nighttime breeze, but now it lapped soothingly over my heated skin.

Something had clearly changed with Alpha Asher. His possessiveness had reared it’s head. Clearly Alpha Asher wanted me all to himself. It didn’t take a psychic to tell Alpha Asher was turned on by my defiance. His arousal was one of the many motivating factors for my defiance.

I should’ve felt guilty. I should’ve thought about what my future mate might think, what his future mate might think. The cold truth was, I didn’t care. I was burning under Alpha Asher’s touch, and it drove all thoughts from my mind. Sure, many people saved themselves for their future mate. But, many did not.

“You alright?” The gruff bouncer asked as he came back outside. He took his typical spot against the wall. It was clear he knew what had taken place out here. The knowledge and amusement was swimming in his eyes.

“Yeah, I’m alright.” I nodded, flinching at how my voice sounded. It still had that breathy tone to it. I was incredibly thankful the bouncer wasn’t a werewolf, as the scent of my arousal was still clear in the air.

“Better than alright from the looks of it.” The bouncer chuckled and I felt my face heat even more.

A cool breeze rushed by, and I jumped at the cold draft that rushed against my b**e pu**y. I silently cursed Alpha Asher for ruining a good pair of panties, and for making me finish the night without underwear.

I stumbled back into the club, letting my gaze flicker around for Breyona. I hadn’t seen her for almost two hours now, and I felt guilty for not seeking her out sooner. In all honesty, I wanted to confide in her. She knew some about my strange relationship with our new Alpha, but she didn’t know the full extent.

My first stop was back at the bar. While I was still on the lookout for Breyona and Mason, another drink wouldn’t hurt. I was heated and flu*tered from my recent encounter with Alpha Asher. I found myself resisting the urge to look for him, desperate for another lingering touch.

The last thing I needed was to come off as clingy, but his touch had me craving more. His dominate and primal side were equally intoxicating, and I wondered if other men held the same silent passion.

I parted through the crowd of dancing strangers, thankful the thundering music wasn’t as loud near the bar area. The smell of lut, body spray and sweat was stronger than ever but I was becoming used to it. I wondered if the lut scent was coming from myself as well, it wouldn’t be surprising.

“Back again, sweetheart?” The bartender with the green stripe in his hair smirked, “Rum or more shots?”

I paused for a moment and thought it over. I was considerably less irritated after Asher’s…punishment.

“Rum.” I nodded.

The bartender was fast grabbing my drink, flitting away to the next customer.

I felt irresistibly attracted to Alpha Asher, I couldn’t deny the mystery

to my glass, remaining still as someone sat in the stool next to

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was coy and leaking hidden hostility, “Lola,

my name from this unfamiliar woman’s mouth, my head snapped up. I clocked

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Alpha Asher.” Maya snarled in

little Alpha, I’ll be long gone.” The girl sneered angrily, her eyes glinting with

me cornered. My curiosity had blossomed at her appearance. I had only seen this girl once

I clenched my teeth together,

sat next to me at the bar. She looked the same as when I saw her for the

Slim yet tall, she held an air of superiority that clung to her like a sweet perfume. Her chocolate hair framed her heart

hated her at first, completely consumed with jealousy and heartbreak at the loss of Tyler. Over the past year, I realized my hatred for her was completely unwarranted. She didn’t do anything wrong. It wasn’t her fault she was Tyler’s mate. After hearing how

see what Tyler was so pent up about.” Brittany sneered, the expression looking oddly at home

rolled through me. Really, she was here for a social call? That year old part of me remembered what it was like to be loved by Tyler, but she knew better now. We both knew better. I wasn’t even sure

does Tyler know you’re here stalking me?” I raised my eyebrow at her, watching

is such a plain word, don’t you think?” Brittany scoffed, twirling a piece of her hair between her fingers. “I’d say I’m scoping out

“As if. She can have her little cowardly

like Maya. “If it wasn’t obvious, you’re the one with Tyler. My ties are to my pack, not to

of information. Anything that would make this conversation

on our pack, but was it worth giving secret information to an outsider? I had no doubt

no.” Brittany chuckled, shaking her head. “Not gonna work. My lips are

you the f**k out and d**g you to my Alpha?” I let a cruel smirk form on my face, “How

she leaned in close. I felt my own smirk drop at her words, and red hot fury rush through

Brittany murmured, her head turning towards the side

was talking about. The man’s eyes caught my own, and his lips twitched up in

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