For a moment, a sweet vibe permeated the surroundings from Nicholas and Tessa.
Later, when the server came and served the dishes, they were all Tessa’s favorites.
Nicholas was also very attentive to her during the meal, and the smile on the corners of his lips never faded away.
“Eat more. Their shrimp dish is very famous.”
As he spoke, he gave her another piece of shrimp.
She observed him while eating the dishes on her plate.
When he noticed her gaze, he asked, “What’s the matter?”
“I feel that you’re acting rather strangely, yet I also feel like you’re in a good mood.” Tessa expressed her thoughts; however, she didn’t expect him to acknowledge her words.
“I’m indeed in a good mood today.”

“Did something good happen?” She looked at him curiously.
Unfortunately for her, he only remained silent for a long time as he looked back at her.
When Tessa saw this, her heart was aroused by curiosity. Thus, she urged, “Stop looking at me, and tell me what’s the good news.”
“There’s no good news.” Nicholas laughed. Then, he put more food on her plate and said warmly, “I brought you here today as a reward for you.”
“A reward for me?” She repeated after him, utterly puzzled. Therefore, she could not help but ask, “Why do you want to reward me?”
Once again, he only gave her a mysterious smile without saying anything. Then, he changed the topic and urged, “Eat up, or the food will get cold.”
Tessa did not ask further questions after she sensed that he didn’t want to talk about it. She believed that Nicholas would naturally tell her when he wanted to.
After they were done with their dinner, they decided to walk around the street for a while, and they didn’t return home until the night grew darker.
It did not cross their minds that they would see Gregory sitting on the sofa with his cheeks puffed up as soon as they entered the living room. And when Gregory saw them, his downcast eyes immediately lit up.
However, Gregory seemed to have thought of something again afterward, and he huffed in anger. Then, he crossed his arms in front of his chest, turned his head, and looked away from Nicholas and Tessa.
Tessa knew what Gregory was on his mind when she saw him deliberately ignoring them.
So, she loosened her grip on Nicholas and walked over to Gregory with a doting smile. After that, despite knowing the cause of his anger, she asked, “Greg, why are you angry? Tell me, who has upset you? I’ll help you punish that person.”
Gregory could not stand it anymore when he heard this. So, he immediately complained aggrievedly. “It’s Daddy! He’s bad! He promised me that he would bring you and me for dinner tonight. But in the end, I only got to have dinner alone with Mr. Timothy!”
Tessa felt that the whole situation was hilarious; however, she truly liked the feeling of being missed by Gregory. Finally, she took him in her arms and sat on the sofa. Once again, she heard Gregory grumbling in grievance.
“I’ve already let Daddy spend time with you at night time. But he still wants your attention all the time. He is too greedy!”

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