Chapter 194 

Upon hearing that, Bruce laughed out loud as the surrounding rich kids looked at Timothy as if he was a monkey, theit eyes full of disdain.

“Bruce, he said that he would help you if you really needed it!* one of them quipped.

Reaching out, Bruce slapped Timothy’s face lightly and ridiculed him. “I say, are you drunk, Timothy? Helping me out? Are you dreaming here? Or are you trying to conjure up some elaborate prank?”

“Opening a company? As a half disabled, you should just stay at home obediently. Do you think that anybody can just delve into commerce as they like? What a joke!”

Bruce’s words made his surrounding friends laugh

“I dare you to say one more word!” Angrily, Henry wanted to go and punch him in the face.

Seeing this made Timothy quickly stop him. “It’s alright, Henry

fiercely at the bunch of rich

was not the time to cause trouble. He did not want his friends to be in hot water due to helping him

want to help, I won’t force you, but you don’t have to

you found me

“You little cripple, aren’t you always the capable one at

also knew that the longer he stayed, the longer he would have to endure their insults, so he pulled Henry

me, I might just let you go. Or maybe, if I’m in a good enough mood, I could even

Bruce blocked their exit.

the rich kids surrounded them in the middle as they laughed. “Don’t go! Come back. We have not

cross the line, Bruce!”

really are a clueless little hatchling.

can’t even count how many people he has seduced with that slutty face of his. Say, I wonder

always in the limelight as he had the money and body to back up his looks and grades. He was the

because of Timothy, the latter would

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