Chapter 2

In the elevator, Dustin stared at the crystal necklace dejectedly. Even though he had expected it, he was still sad that his marriage had ended just like that. He had once thought that happiness was simple: meals on the table, cheerful days, and simple pleasures. Now, he found out that normalcy was a sin. It was time to awaken from this prolonged daydream.

Suddenly, his phone rang, breaking him out of his trance. When he picked up the phone, a familiar voice came from the other end.

“Mr. Rhys, I’m Hunter Anderson from the Swinton Group. I heard that today your wedding anniversary with Ms. Nicholson, so I’ve prepared a gift for you. I’m just wondering if you have any time today?”

“Thank you for your kindness, but I’m afraid we won’t be needing the gift,” Dustin said.


Hunter was taken aback. He could sense something wrong.

“Is there anything else you’d like to talk about, Mr. Anderson?”

“Actually, yes, there is.” Hunter cleared his throat awkwardly. “I’ve got a friend who contracted a strange illness. He’s seen a lot of doctors, but none of them could do anything about it. I was hoping that you could help.”

“Mr. Anderson, you know my rules.”

“Of course I do! I’m sincere in my request. My friend owns some canscora, which I remember you were looking for. I’m sure he’ll be willing to part with it if you help him,” Hunter said.

“Is this true?” Dustin asked seriously.

“Yes, it is!”

“Alright, if that’s so, then I’ll be willing to take a look.” Dustin immediately agreed to the request.

He wasn’t interested in money or jewels, but rather some rare herbs and plants, as he needed them to save lives.

“Thank you, Mr. Rhys! I’ll send someone to pick you up immediately!” Hunter smiled in relief.

As the president of the Swinton Group and one of the Mighty Three of Swinton, Hunter acted exceptionally timid in front of Dustin.

“Great, one more down, five to go. I should have enough time,” Dustin muttered to himself. His mood was lifted a little by this news.

building, he saw two familiar figures walking toward him.

are you

and Dahlia get divorced?”

did.” Dustin gave her a forced smile. “It’s

to end his marriage on a pleasant

problem. I know my daughter well. If you hadn’t done anything wrong, why

was stunned. What was this?

her over the past three years. I’m pretty sure I’m

daughter was right to divorce you! Look at yourself. She’s clearly out of your

you’re going too

Nicholson family three years ago, they wouldn’t be where they were

far? So what if I am? Am I not speaking the truth?” Florence

enough, Mom, stop wasting time with him.” Suddenly, James stepped forward. “Listen here, Rhys. I don’t care whether you divorce my sister or not, but you’re giving me all the


gave you eight

to take

take any money from

pass on eight million dollars? Do you take us as idiots?” James

be tactful and give us the money. Don’t

can call Dahlia and ask her if you don’t believe me.” Dustin did not wish to explain himself

beg, I’m not letting you leave with a

this. Let’s just search his pockets!” James said impatiently. He dove

Florence followed suit.

do you have to do this?”

Nicholson family so soon after the divorce. They were

on the ground in

you calling Mom? Watch your mouth. Who do you think you are?”

some time, they didn’t find what they wanted from his

did he really not take any

around Dustin’s necklace and pulled

necklace? Why is it

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