Chapter 27

“He is my


Dustin was shocked. He didn’t expect the two of them to be related. “I heard Trevor has a son called Edward. Who are you then?”

“My name is Mason. I’m Trevor’s illegitimate son.” The man bowed his head as he explained, “Trevor forced himself on my mother and got her pregnant. In order to save his image, he kept my existence in the dark and made me his foster son instead.”

“So, you hate him?” Dustin asked.

“Yes!” Mason gritted his teeth and seethed angrily, “He abandoned my mother and me, leaving us impoverished all those years ago. Now, he’s only using me as a pawn to assist Edward. I can’t let them trample over me again. I must get back what’s mine!”

“Good.” Dustin nodded in approval. “Since you’re ambitious, I will help you. If you do as I say, I will not only help you climb the ladder but also help you rule over Swinton.”

“Thank you!” Delighted, Mason immediately knelt on the ground to show his gratitude. As wise as Mason was, he could tell that Dustin was an extraordinary man. After all, the latter had taken down the entire Drey Group all by himself, so his capability was unfathomable. Working by Dustin’s side would no doubt make Mason’s future bright.

time, feel free to give me

to be loyal to you until the day I die, Mr. Rhys!” Mason nodded, determined.

do from here, right?”

me. You have no involvement at all,”

replied shrewdly.

smart.” Dustin smiled. The pawn

phone on the table vibrated. Only after getting Dustin’s permission did

the call.

loan. You’re going bankrupt soon, yet you’re still asking me for money? Are you trying to use me? Whatever, I don’t have time for your problem. Get lost.” After saying that, Mason hung up the

was that about?” Dustin

named David Nolan was asking for a loan. 50 million dollars in one

raised an eyebrow. “He has a son named Chris, right?”

think so. How did you know?” Mason

it. Go on and tell me more.”

investigated for selling fake drugs, though the news has yet

a problem for you to take over Trevor’s business.” Dustin gave

for the compliment, Mr. Rhys,” Mason

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