Chapter 710

Caroline retorted, “Even if you get the Collins Group, you don’t have what it takes to take the Evans

Group back because it’s under my control. ”

Layla looked at her maliciously. “Really? Caroline, when I get the Collins Group, you’ll discover something that’ll turn your life upside down. When that happens, even the Evans family will

forsake you. Not to mention the Morrisons.”

Caroline replied calmly, “Then, I’d better get the Collins Group so my life won’t be turned upside


Layla laughed at her words. “I can’t believe you’re still dreaming, Caroline. Ed has already made it clear that he will endorse me. Do you really think you have a chance? Besides, who’ll endorse you?

That poor husband of yours?”

Caroline glared at Layla.

“What? Are you going to hit me? Remember, there are surveillance cameras here!” Layla

challenged, swallowing.

Caroline’s glare was terrifying. It was like a hungry wolf staring at a piece of flesh.

cheek. “Oh, my dear cousin.

some familial affection.”


They didn’t know if they should help.

that everyone realized they were fighting and quickly

broke apart, Layla’s cheeks were already red, and Caroline’s


Layla hissed in pain.

Caroline’s expression remained

time meeting someone so fond of sticking their hand into a hornet’s

warning. I don’t care what you say

pests. But if you insult my husband again, I’ll kill you



You’re a madman! You treat Ed like

ago and didn’t

away and

she finished the sentence she had started, “What a

her husband. He’s clearly a poor sob, but she treats him



Layla. Some people think their possessions are

glanced at Mr. Donovan, and he

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