Chapter 1727

“No!” Jonathan’s reply was firm, “The daytime belongs to me too!”

Magdalen was livid and yelled, “Jonathan, stop being such a tyrant!”

Estelle, listening to their exchange, laughed and said to Magdalen, “Don’t be mad, I’m at the Lamont’s residence.

Come pick me up!”

“Hell yeah!” Magdalen was both excited and proud, “Ella, you’re the best! Wait for me. I’ll be right there!”

After hanging up, Jonathan stared at Estella, displeased. “We were supposed to go back to Villa del Sol today.

Milo and Max miss you.”

Estelle moved closer to hug him. “Magdalen and Morrison haven’t made up yet, so I want to stay with her. We can go back to Villa del Sol tonight.”

What else could Jonathan say to that? He simply kissed her forehead. “No drinking. If you must, we’ll drink together at home.”

“Mm, I won’t drink and I’ll make sure Magdalen doesn’t either!”


to tell Catherine that she

been looking forward to this all

things to do, and someone’s picking her up. I’ll stay for lunch with

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sighed. Now the whole family

definitely stay for

“I know you guys have your own lives. I’m just glad you come home every weekend. See you tomorrow at lunch. I’ll have your favorite dish

Estelle smiled warmly, “Okay!”

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suggested, “It’s the weekend. let’s call Emily out too.

before she could dial, a call came in. She frowned slightly and

asked, “Where are you? Come home for dinner. Your father and I are waiting for

not coming home. I’m with

bring her along! I haven’t seen her in a


phone away and said, “Well, we can’t go anywhere now. my mom wants us

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