Chapter 5277

“Watch out, Sir York!

“The Witch of the South Seas uses poison and curses!

“One touch, and you'll die!”

Rachel instinctively spoke up; because he was a high ranking member of Longmen, he had a certain understanding of magicians.

Their standing in the South Sea was at least equivalent to a holy martial training ground. More importantly, their methods were usually beyond comprehension. People would die for them without knowing why.

Harvey narrowed his eyes before casually taking a step forward.


was standing; he

was shocked, and revealed himself

you manage to avoid the Soul

smoke is just an illusion. He had planted something truly venomous, and was confidently

would be able to dodge his attack, no matter how powerful they

after being bitten by their beloved animal. He didn't expect that his well-laid plans would

chill ran down his

is a South Sea wizard

turned around before looking at

you know his name?" Seb fell silent in

never recovered since

been in seclusion for years, but Harvey still knows

him, but we have also fought before. He has only perfected seventy percent of his skills, and you have only done thirty. If I were you, I would kneel and beg for mercy. I will

paused, then laughed

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