Read Harvey York’s Rise to Power [by A Potato-Loving Wolf] Chapter 23 – It was also occasional for Don to get on with Tyson!

Once, Don went to the Platinum Hotel. He accidentally bumped into a beautiful woman and was almost k****d. Tyson happened to pass by and did not want someone to create trouble in the store. Hence, he helped Don solve the problem.

Since then, Don knew that just being mere rich was insufficient. He needed friends.

Hence, he put a lot of thought into making friends with Tyson and even offered to help him manage his finances. He did help Tyson bring in a certain amount of money in the past two years, which was also why he dared to call Tyson tonight.

However, investment was not a guaranteed market. There were a few times where Tyson had lost money, and Don gritted his teeth to help him.

if he dared to make Tyson lose money, Tyson would have

honest, since Don had Tyson backing him up, his reputation among

some first-class families did not dare to provoke him, making him

holding a cigarette between his lips. However, the lights in the hall were a bit dim, and coupled with the

took a watermelon knife, dragged

run!” Mandy was so anxious that she even forgot to call Harvey by his

upset at this moment as if she could only watch a toy of hers being

did not care about Harvey at all, and if she could divorce him sooner, it would free

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