“It’s a message from the Yorks.” Harvey frowned slightly.

The Yorks was the most influential family in South Light. At first, Harvey had been the rightful heir.

But three years ago, somebody in the family wrongly accused him and claimed that he had embezzled the company’s funds. Therefore, his identity as their heir was eliminated.

The entire York family had the same opinion and Harvey was disowned instantly. Furthermore, his parents were directly sent abroad and he had never met them since.

“Bullsh*t! The truth is I have nothing but only twenty dollars in my pocket. The family needs financial support. What's the point of looking for me?”

As he was thinking about that, he received another message on his phone.

“Sir, I’m begging you now. Please help us! Didn’t you purchase some stocks of a gold mine three years ago? Recently, someone found that there’s a great amount of gold in that gold mine. Now, the stock price of that gold mine has increased tremendously!”

“Now, the company’s funding has been cut off and we need your help immediately. Otherwise, our family will be ruined!”

Harvey was confused.

He was stunned for a short while. During that year, he did invest tens of millions of dollars on that gold mine. It was also the reason why the Yorks claimed that he had embezzled the company’s funds, and he was disowned consequently.

It had not even been three years, and they found out that that gold mine was loaded with a substantial amount of gold, and hence tremendously increasing it’s stock price too. “WTF, is that real?!”

The next moment, Harvey swiftly fished out a black bank card faster than ever.

That black card had been abandoned for three years. It was a tool which could signify one’s prestige all over the world. It was said that whoever owned that card, would have all their requests granted no matter where they were.

He soon contacted the 24-hour customer service hotline on the card. He heard a sweet female voice at the other end of the phone. “Dear Mr. York, good day. May I know if there’s anything I can help you with?”

“Please help me to check the balance in my account!”

“No problem. Please hold on for a moment,” she said politely. The next moment, her voice clearly faltered and she sounded shocked. “Mr. York… the balance in your account is so tremendous that it’s been locked away for safety purposes. I couldn’t check for you given my position. I’ll go and apply for it now. May I call you back in a short while?”

“No problem.” Harvey hung up at once.

‘The amount of money is so huge that the account is locked away for safety purposes.’

He burst into laughter. Unexpectedly, he casually took tens of millions of dollars and invested in that just for fun. He never thought that that kind of investment could provide him with such a huge surprise. Harvey did not even know how much money he owned now.


Harvey walked home at a leisurely pace. When he reached home, Mandy had long driven home by then.

On the other hand, there were two other ladies in the living room. From afar, he could see that one of them was charming and sexy while the other was cute and lovely. Furthermore, Mandy was exceptionally beautiful and elegant.

It was Mandy and her two best friends. The sexy lady was called Cecilia Zachary while the cute lady was called Angel Quinn.

The three of them ignored Harvey as he entered the living room.

Angel who sat at the side sighed at that moment. She then said, “Mandy, let’s talk about serious matters. I heard that your company is having some issues?”

Mandy rubbed her temples. She replied, “Yes. A few days ago, my company faced some funding issues. Now we’re in need of five million dollars. If I don't get the money soon, I’m afraid that my company…”

Angel sighed and said, “But Mandy, it’s not easy to obtain five million dollars in such a short time…”

The sexy lady—Cecilia who sat beside them nodded slightly too.

Mandy looked at their responses and realized that they were of no help to her. When she saw Harvey standing there, she became quite flustered. She could not help but glaring at him. She scolded, “Harvey, what the f^ck are you doing here? Can you please just get f^ck out of my way! Go and do the laundry! Remember to hand wash them with warm water. If their colors fade, I’ll make sure you sleep in the hallway tonight!”

He was about to go and wash the clothes obediently when his phone suddenly rang. Surprisingly, it was a call from the 24-hour customer service of the black card.

Harvey answered the call and he heard the sweet lady’s voice again. “Dear Mr. York, after looking into it, we found that your entire property is held in an offshore account. If we dig deeper into it, we might breach your privacy. We suggest that you give us a call when you’re free. Then we’ll send someone to invite you to the headquarters of Niumhi immediately, so that you can check the account balance yourself. Do you agree to that?”

Harvey muttered. “Alright, but why do I have to get into so much trouble just to check the balance of an offshore account?”

As he said that, he hung up the phone.

“Mandy, your husband is indeed amusing.” Angel could not help but burst into laughter. “He wants to check the balance of his offshore account. Did he watch a lot of TV shows? Does he even know what an offshore account is?”

Hearing that, Mandy smiled too. She then said, “He might have overheard that when I was talking on the phone with Dad a few days ago. Does he assume that all bank accounts are called offshore accounts? But I always give him a hundred dollars as his pocket money every day. I wonder he should have saved quite a lot of money since it's been three years.”

“Mandy, you have a good pet with you. He’s quite thrifty!” Cecilia smiled faintly. In fact, they could not help but be amused.

At that moment, Harvey became quite anxious and rushed towards Mandy. He said to his wife seriously, “Dear, is your company in need of five million dollars? Why don’t… you let me help you resolve that?”

Cecilia burst into a roar of laughter. She was indeed a sexy woman, so when she moved around vigorously, she seemed particularly energetic and charming. At that moment, she threw a glance at Harvey and said, “Harvey, do you even know how much five million dollars is? Don’t you mix it up with five hundred dollars. Even if you saved your 100 dollars pocket money everyday, how could you even be able to have five millions dollars?”

Harvey sneered. “What if I can?”

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