Everyone looked over there. They then saw Don wearing a delicate suit with his hair nicely combed to the back. He looked handsome and smart. He was holding a gift box in his hand and walked in with a smile.

“Let us welcome Mr. Xander with warm applause!” A young man shouted.

All kinds of cheering were heard all of a sudden.

It was obvious that a young talented man like Don was more recognized and welcomed by the Zimmer family compared to Harvey.

Most importantly, he could help the Zimmer family!

At this moment, the entire Zimmer family was looking at Don as if he was the God of Wealth!

Don smiled and waved to the people around him. He looked like a star walking on the red carpet and also looked like a high-flyer.

“Senior Zimmer, I’m sorry to bother you. I come here uninvited. However, I am a straight-up guy. So, I’ll speak up if I have something to say!”

Don was smiling ambitiously. He said loudly, “I fell in love with Mandy at first sight, but unfortunately, she was married to a loser!”

“I have regarded this marriage as a joke for three years. But how much pain has Mandy suffered? I love Mandy. I don’t want to see her endure such pain. Hence, I am here today just to say this out in front of the entire Zimmer family…”

Don took a deep breath. “I want to marry Mandy. I want to make her happy!”

He shook the entire room. ‘Don Xander is too straightforward. He did not give any face to Harvey! Harvey is also here now.’

‘However, think about it carefully, Harvey, the live-in son-in-law is just a loser. Why should Don save face for him? He’s not afraid to offend him.’

Harvey would be so pissed off now. He had such bad luck!

“I have been thinking about Mandy over the past few years!” Don continued. “I can sacrifice everything for her. I have brought over the gains of my hard work over the years today…”

Don slowly opened the gift box while talking. There was a check lying in it and the number written on it was shocking.

“This is a cash check of ten million dollars. As long as Mandy is willing to marry me, then this will be my betrothal gift!” Don said loudly, “Even my property which is worth tens of millions of dollars can be put under Mandy’s name.”


Everyone gasped and their faces turned pale.

The people of the Zimmer family took the check and handed it to Senior Zimmer. Everyone’s eyes lit up at this moment.

Ten million dollars was certainly not a big deal for the Zimmer family. Although the Zimmer family was a second-class family in Niumhi, its assets were more than a billion dollars.

However, Don was able to take out a total of ten million in cash! For any major family, most of the family’s capital was fixed assets. They often lack liquidity or either the liquidity was low.

Taking the Zimmer family as an example, it was good to have tens of millions of cash in the book.

If the Zimmer family could get the cash from Don, they could take the business to the next level.

Meanwhile, everyone’s gaze fell on Mandy. Some women hoped that they were the ones being proposed now.

“It’s so romantic! Ten million dowry!”

“Money is one thing. But the most important thing is to have the heart…”

“Yes, this kind of love is so enviable. Why could no one treat me like this?!”

Many people were talking about it. Guys were jealous; girls envious.

Especially for some women, they were crazy about Don.

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