The entire Zimmer Villa was in silence at that moment. Almost everyone turned to look at Harvey in disbelief.

That live-in son-in-law said everything in certainty. Could it be that he indeed knew who the new CEO who invested in York Enterprise was?

Don did not even believe him. He smiled coldly and said, “Fine! Tell us! Who’s the new CEO in my enterprise?”

Harvey stretched his hand out and pointed it at himself. He then said slowly, “The new CEO of York Enterprise is me.”

Everyone was so shocked that they said nothing for a moment.

But the next second...

“You?” Don was stunned at first. He then held his belly and broke into a burst of laughter.

Finally, he stopped laughing with much difficulty. He then looked at Senior Zimmer. “Senior Zimmer, I thought that your live-in son-in-law just likes to put on a show. But it surprised me to see him acting like a fool.”

The moment he said that, Zack and the others broke into laughter too. They looked at Harvey just like they were looking at a fool.

Zack said coldly, “Harvey, you’re just a live-in son-in-law. Why do you pretend to be the CEO?”

Quinn was mocking Harvey. “Harvey, is it fun to act like this? Why are you talking nonsense and bragging here?”

Lilian became anxious too. “Harvey, come back here this instant! Don’t make a fool of yourself!”

“Harvey, don’t get into a rage and act rashly. You shouldn’t be talking nonsense like this. If you act recklessly, you’ll hurt yourself.” Mandy appeared worried. She thought that Harvey had received a significant blow that night, so he started to lie to himself, thinking that he was the new CEO of York Enterprise.

She took a few steps forward, intending to drag Harvey away. “Don’t mess around anymore. Let me bring you to consult a doctor.”

“Mandy, I can prove that I’m the new CEO of York Enterprise. Please trust me.” Harvey fished out his phone and showed them a name he saved in his contact list.

“Don, you’re an employee of York Enterprise. I’m sure you know what this name means,” said Harvey.

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