Read Harvey York’s Rise to Power [by A Potato-Loving Wolf] Chapter 21 – Don quickly came back to his senses. He then smiled and tried to make it up. “It’s nothing. The vice president asked me to have a drink together. I’ve got no time today. Hence, I rescheduled to meet up with him tomorrow.”

Everyone in the Zimmer family was shocked when they heard about it. The vice president of York Enterprise, asking Don to have a drink together?

Moreover, Don rejected him and even rescheduled it for tomorrow. He did have some status and face!

Everyone in the Zimmer family could not help but step forward and gather around Don to please him.

At this time, a squeal of brakes could be heard from the gate of the villa. Several black commercial vehicles stopped at the gate.

Then, the car doors were pushed open. A dozen strong men got out of the cars carrying watermelon knives and baseball bats.

wearing a white shirt was walking in the middle among those

and did not light it up. Instead, he looked at the villa in front

was leading the group of men. He also helped

as he walked, “Who bullied my

Brother Tyson. Take him down to the ground! Just save him a


Tyson Woods!


He was not bragging!

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