Read Harvey York’s Rise to Power [by A Potato-Loving Wolf] Chapter 34 – It was evening in Zimmer Villa.

The Zimmers gathered around again. A lot of them looked at each other helplessly.

A while back, they received the news. So they did not even have their meals when they rushed home for the meeting. At last, they heard that not only did the York Enterprise agree to invest in them, the York Enterprise even increased the amount of investment funds out of their own initiative.

They knew very well how the York Enterprise reacted the night before. Almost everyone heard that clearly. They assumed that the task was impossible, but it was accomplished by Mandy now. Why?

Mandy was the daughter of the third son in the Zimmers. She was usually not favored. Besides, her company had suffered a significant loss. The Zimmers would soon disown her.

However, it turned out that she got the contract now. What if she was being favored then? Would Mandy finally have her moment now?

Zack was the one who found it the hardest to believe what had happened. If Mandy was successful, it would mean that he was useless.

“Mandy, you drafted a contract casually and said that you’d signed a deal with the York Enterprise. You even claimed that you’d gained an amount of fifty million dollars as the investment funds directly. Who are you trying to fool here? I’m sure that you didn’t even manage to meet the CEO of York Enterprise. Am I right?” Zack said disdainfully.

“That’s right. I didn’t get to meet the CEO.”

get to meet the CEO that afternoon.

Zimmers looked at each other angrily. They had not even had their meals yet, but they were

you went too far! Your husband is a good-for-nothing who claimed that he’s the CEO. You learned from him, and you even made up a false

that we’re fools? How bold of you to

the divorce. Just pack up your luggage and get lost with your

okay if Mandy failed to accomplish her task. But after

if the Zimmers were ruined then? Would they be unable to lead

such a trick? It seems like you don’t respect the Zimmers well enough. Mandy, let me tell you. This is a serious affair. Our Zimmers don’t need a person like you who likes to

what he said one after another. They said, “That’s true.

Mandy was not angry. She broke into a smile and said, “As to whether the contract is real or fake, you were right. I indeed didn’t get to meet the new CEO of York Enterprise

resolve this issue with a lie. You scolded me now. So do you

a beat. His facial expression

was indeed meaningless if she made up a fake contract, and

it’s true, won’t I become

to negotiate such

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