Chapter 21

When Matthew saw her feeling all dumbfounded with a face of frustration and despair, he was a little surprised.

After all, in the entire city of Bloomstead, countless women would chase after him and break their bones in the pursuit to conceive his child.

However, though Veronica had his child, it made him feel that she was in misery.

What Veronica once said came to his mind. “Although you’re rich and good-looking, Matthew, not every woman is dying to be married to you, so you don’t have to be so smug all the time.”As long as you quit your job in the club, I will assemble a medical expert team to

treat your father immediately-free of charge for any operations.”


He stood in front of her, looking down at her with cold and arrogant eyes.

When she heard his words, her eyelids drooped slightly, and her depressed face remained mostly void of emotion. “So, if I quit my job, but I abort the child, will you still treat my dad?”


She didn’t get any answer from the man.

When she raised her eyes to meet his, she stared at him with a pained gaze for a few seconds.

He said, “Don’t be delusional”

She chuckled self-deprecatingly. “Heh. So please don’t package it as if it’s something noble. You want me to give birth to a child for you, and you will treat my dad in exchange. Isn’t it just an equivalent transaction?”

Those doctors from the expert group couldn’t be hired with money. How could Veronica not see reality clearly?

“You can always make other demands as well.”

Matthew spoke in a low voice.

“I don’t-“Before she continued with her sentence, Veronica had a moment of epiphany and she said, “If you can help me investigate my parents’ car accident, I will

do it.”

If a child could exchange for the rehabilitation of her father, and give them justice for the car accident…

Veronica was naturally more than willing to do it.

Although doing this would be bad for the child in her womb, she knew that she was not powerful enough to go against Matthew. If he really wanted her to give birth to this child, there would be countless ways for him to do so.

Rather than stubbomly resisting, it was better for her to get something of equal value in exchange.

“Fine by me.”

Matthew readily agreed.

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Elizabeth really liked Veronica.

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