Chapter 23

Shaking her head, Rachel let out a sigh.

Then, she looked up at Floch and listened to him as he analyzed the situation. “No matter what, the most important thing now is to let our daughter be engaged to Matthew first.”

“What about the child Veronica conceived:” Tiffany asked.

The child in Veronica’s womb was Tiffany’s main concern as she feared that the existence of that child would be her greatest threat.

“Oh, my silly daughter,” Rachel said as a conspiratorial thought came across her mind. Then, she smiled. “Veronica is a person filled with pride and arrogance. If she finds out by then that you’re getting engaged to Matthew, do you still think she’ll be willing to give birth to the child? And besides, once you’re engaged to Matthew, it’s your decision whether the child could live past infancy even if she gives birth to the child.”


As she listened to Rachel’s words and analysis of the situation, Tiffany felt enlightened. The gloomy look on Tiffany’s face eventually disappeared, and she gave out a smile. “Mom, you’re the best!”

Once again, Tiffany hugged Rachel tightly, expressing the profound endearment in their mother-daughter bonding.



The next day, the sun was bright, and the breeze was gentle. It was a lovely day to stay in bed. However, Veronica was woken up by the ringing sound of her mobile phone early in the morning. She grabbed her phone and saw that it was her adoptive mother calling. Then, she checked the time, only to realize it was already 8.30AM.

“Oh, sh*t! It’s already 8.30AM? How on earth did I oversleep?” She smacked her forehead and immediately answered the call. “Hi, Mom. Sorry I overslept and forgot to prepare a meal for you.” Veronica yawned, her hand rubbing her sleepy eyes as she said that.

At the same time, Daniella stated her request over the phone. “It’s okay. I have already eaten something. Anyway, the reason I’m calling is that I want you to bring

Xavier along with you when you come over later today.”

Upon hearing that, Veronica, who was still feeling slightly sleepy a while ago, instantly jolted awake. She immediately sat up. “Mom, Xavier needs to go to work. Besides, didn’t he pay a visit to the hospital yesterday? So, why would you want him to go over again today?”

to clown me. Xavier mentioned yesterday that he is relatively free these few days as he

“But, Mom,”

any of your bluffs. If Xavier doesn’t come over today, then it means that you two were merely pretending

“Mom! You—”

cut off because Daniella hung up the

held her phone in one hand while resting her

Xavier yesterday. How could I have the nerve to ask

Daniella’s request, Veronica fell onto her bed. She lay down for a while and stared as the time passed little by little. Eventually, she took out her phone and

call went through. “Hmm… Hello…” a man greeted sleepily. His drowsy voice was heard

you up to?” Veronica asked as she gave out a flattering laugh, feeling embarrassed. Her hands touched the thin blanket anxiously, and

Xavier was good, she was slightly

have guessed Veronica’s intention behind this ‘phone call. “You won’t give me a call if you

be that your mom misses

Master Xavier, you’re high and mighty indeed-and not to

up and rubbed her hair. Then, she chuckled in a flattering yet embarrassed manner and

it.” With that, Xavier

log on her phone screen, Veronica was rather baffled. Huh? What

to call Xavier again. So, she lay back down on her bed, feeling sleepy. Initially, Veronica wanted to lie down for a while before getting up to get ready, but she ended up falling asleep

she know, Xavier had driven to and arrived at the hospital after he was done washing

he had arrived at the hospital. He thought Veronica was already there in


the ward when Xavier walked in. So, he put the items in his hand aside and took out his mobile phone. Just as he was about to give Veronica

the lady’s face was bright and innocent-looking as she spread her arms around Daniella and Tony’s shoulders. Although it was only an inadvertent glance,

and took a closer look. 10th February 2021 was the date shown at the bottom right corner of the photo. This photo was taken

saw the words ‘Family Photo’ written on the back of the photo. Family photo? Isn‘t Tiffany the Larsons‘ daughter? Why would she take

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