Chapter 26

“Oh, who do we have here? What’s a delivery girl doing here? The food is scattered all over the floor, and it smells pungent.”

“It’s Young Master Matthew and Miss Larson’s wedding today. Didn’t they already book the whole place? Why did someone order for a food delivery?”

“Who knows? Is she trying to sneak in?”

“Where’s the security? Throw out this person quickly.”

The wealthy people and celebrities who passed by Veronica gave her a look of disdain, criticizing and ridiculing her, and someone even called the security to throw her out.


When two security guards came over, they saw the delivery vest she was wearing and noticed how out of place she seemed, so they grabbed her by her shirt. “Get out quickly. This place is booked.”

However, Veronica shook off the security guard’s hand. “Let go!”


Right now, she was furious. If she wasn’t pregnant, she wouldn’t feel a thing to see Tiffany and Matthew getting married because it had nothing to do with her.

But now, she was already pregnant for more than two months, and Matthew had made a deal with her four days ago-if she gave birth to the child, he would help her adoptive father with his surgery and find out the truth behind the car accident.

That was why she agreed to keep the baby.

Who would have expected things to take a turn so quickly!

Veronica could almost imagine the scene after the child was born-she would be chased away, and her own child would be calling Tiffany Mom’.

Mom?Hahow ironicshe thought.

“Miss, I’m warning you now. Get out of here quickly, or else don’t blame me for being rude,” the security guard warned, pointing a finger at Veronica.

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to chase me out,

are you

was speaking, Xavier squeezed out from the crowd and pulled her behind himself. Glancing at the security guard coldly,

neck, Xavier was a guest of the banquet, but while his casual attire made him look bright, handsome, and energetic, he was just the same as Veronica-looking out of place next

Xavier, she’s a delivery girl,” the security guard explained, pointing at Veronica and the scattered food on the

crouched down and picked it up. “Roni, what’s wrong with you?” he said, pretending to be unhappy. “I asked you to bring me

suddenly appear, and she was very grateful to him for helping

god, there must be something wrong with Young Master Xavier’s head. He’s actually friends with such an ugly delivery

I almost threw up. Looks

of Bloomstead. What an eye-opener today

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pointing at them as they sneered, mocked, and ridiculed them; their gazes fell on the two, as though exposing them

he said, he was ‘invincible’ and didn’t feel any inferiority nor embarrassment in the face of these sarcastic remarks. Meanwhile. Veronica took it in stride as well, with an all-knowing look despite the people

often than not, the both of them were

“What’s going on?”

familiar voice echoed from behind

Young Master

Larson is quite a surprise for us, but you’re a good match

Young Master Matthew

live up to your name as the number one beauty of

are a perfect

someone is making trouble at

Master Matthew, it’s been a

up a path for him, and when Veronica turned her head to look, she

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