Chapter 3: Shift and Sniff and Squirt


Warning: Adult themes

Chapter 3: Shift and Sniff and Squirt

The pain shot through me. It was excruciating. I screamed. My bones lengthened and rearranged themselves. Sandy-coloured fur enveloped my form. My eyesight and hearing became so sharp. I stood on all fours. I howled. I was a wolf. I ran through the night, white snow beneath me and black sky above me. I practically flew. When I had tired of running. I made my way back to my clothes. They would probably so cold after lying in the snow. I focused on what I looked like human and my bones started breaking again. It was painful but not nearly as bad as the first time. I put on my clothes and headed inside. The triplets had gone out to ring in the first few minutes of their twenty-first birthday with some of their friends at a bar.

I passed by their rooms. The house had three floors. The Alpha and Luna slept on the top floor. The Triplets and I slept on the middle floor. I had a tiny converted storage room and each triplet had a master bedroom and bathroom. There was the most delicious smell coming from Calix’s room. I snuck in. He was the least scary of the triplets so I did not mind if he caught my scent when he came home and realised I had been in his home. His room literally smelled like freshly baked chocolate chip cookies. I looked around. Maybe he had pot cookies or something. I did not find anything. Ugh. I had put my scent all over some of his stuff for nothing.

I walked out and caught another scrumptious scent. This one was coming from the middle master bedroom that belonged to Felix. I dared not go in there but I sniffed the doorway. The smell reminded me of sweet coconut shavings. There was a tropical edge to it. I breathed it in, wondering why I had never picked it up before. My heart started to race. I was afraid to go near Alex’s room but I had to know. If all three rooms suddenly smelled great to me then…

I refused to think about it. I walked over to Alex’s door. I picked up the scent. The strong smell of coffee and cocoa hit me. My mouth watered a little. Did Alex smell that good? The window blew open suddenly and all three scents wafted down the hallway. Their combined scents hit me and moisture pooled in my underwear. I was in big trouble. I went to my tiny room and locked the door. I tried to fall asleep but I kept tossing and turning. Those scents were plaguing me. Would they smell me when they returned home? Would I suddenly smell different now to them? I did not want to analyse it too much. Maybe my enhanced sense of smell was just picking up a lot that I had not noticed before. Maybe everyone smelled this good.

Third Person

Calix, Felix and Alex sauntered in the house at around three in the morning. It was Saturday. Later tonight, they had their official birthday party and alpha ceremony. Celebrating with their girlfriends and their “bros” from the town had left them exhausted and a little tipsy. It was difficult for werewolves to get drunk no matter how much alcohol they had but the triplets had really done their best. They said good night and happy birthday to each other and parted ways.

Calix stumbled into his room. A familiar scent greeted him but there was some unmistakable new element to it like a new ingredient enhancing an old favourite recipe of his. Someone had been in his room. A girl. She smelled like roses and honeysuckle. He shivered. That scent was driving him crazy. He could not sleep. It was all over everything. He felt as if he recognised the smell but he could not say exactly who it was. Surely he would have noticed and remembered someone who smelled this good.

He could not take it anymore when the sun came up. He banged on his brothers’ doors. They greeted him still half-asleep.

“What’s wrong, little bro?” Asked Alex, concern evident on his face.

“It better be good. It’s six o’ clock in the morning. We partied last night and we’re partying tonight,” said Felix, doing a little dance and yawning.

“Smell my room,” said Calix.

away from them.

stopped in

Felix. “What is that?”

Bro, who was in your

Said Felix, growling. “You’re keeping

whose scent it is and it’s driving me crazy,” said Calix with

this room,” said Felix gleefully.  “She found us! Oh I can’t wait to get my hands

and Avery?” Asked Calix, mentioning

couple weeks! They know they’re not our mates so it was a temporary thing!

“If we can find our mate in time for the party we don’t want the girls

of her and three of them

agreement, all sitting


like…” Alex paused, frowning. He got up and ran down the hallway. He stood in front of the door to Chasity’s little makeshift room. The same smell hit him. It made him shiver. Honeysuckle and Roses. He sighed. He found her door

in the house. There were empty guest bedrooms bigger than this room. Why didn’t his

brothers came up behind him. Felix looked dumbfounded. Calix walked into Chasity’s room and lay in

right here,” he said, curling up on her tiny cot. It was

said Felix, his eyes worried.


not good you idiots!” Said Felix staring

that!” Snarled Calix, his blue

Chasity,” Felix said. Her real

all the stuff he was going to buy her. She hardly had anything so she would be easy

ten,” he told his younger

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