Chapter 16: Goddess 

WARNING: EXPLICIT Chapter 16: Goddess

I woke up still sprawled over Felix with Alex and Calix sleeping soundly at either side of us. Last night had been surreal. I could not believe my former bullies had spent all night making me c«m. I sighed. I was nervous about today. Felix told me I would have to learn to take more than one of them at once. I traced my fingertips over the three marks on my neck. It had really happened. The triplets had marked and mated me. I wondered if I was with child already. I had known this vacation might have been their way of relaxing me into the mating and marking process. I was officially their marked mate and Luna now whether I ran off after high school graduation or not. Once marked, the bond was permanent until death and even after that, because losing a mate was the worst thing that could happen to a werewolf, leaving them changed forever.

I slowly got up. My whole body ached and my p***y was sore. Felix got up, kissed my forehead and started making breakfast: chocolate chip pancakes, bacon, sausages and eggs. He made me a sweet mocha Frappuccino. I sipped it, loving the taste. 

“Baby, you have the sweetest and tightest p***y I’ve ever had,” said Felix matter-of-factly, looking at me with soft, loving eyes.

“Mmm, yes, definitely, and the prettiest too,” Alex added, walking into the dining area, fixing me with a dreamy gaze.

“Good morning, my Luna,” yawned Calix, coming over to kiss my forehead. “You deserve a reward for being such a good girl.” 

They were making me blush. 

After breakfast, all four of us showered together and the triplets took me to the beach. I was wearing the baby blue bikini that they all liked so much. We were at a gorgeous private beach with the clearest waters and whitest sand. Felix carried me into the water. My arms were wrapped around his neck and my legs were wrapped around his waist. He was holding the back of my thighs as he sat slowly in the water, me still in his arms. He kissed me sweetly at first and then got progressively more urgent. He moaned against my lips as his big erection rubbed against me through the thin fabric of my bikini bottoms. I broke the kiss, needing air. I relished the feeling of the warm water lapping at my aching body 

“Mmm, my brothers and I will take you back to the hotel after our little beach trip. We‘re gonna strip you naked and pour warm oil all over your body to massage those sore muscles,” murmured Felix.

“You‘d like that wouldn‘t you, huh, Beautiful,” said Alex. 

I nodded, “Yes.”

“Yes who?” Asked Felix sharply.

“Yes, Daddies!” “Good girl,” said Calix softly. 

Chapter 16: Goddess 

two brothers were enjoying their time in the water, rubbing my shoulders and running their fingers through my hair while I made out with

really all yours,” I said softly

pretty little Luna, we will find you and when we do,

asked. “Don‘t break the rules and you won‘t have to find out,” said Felix simply. “You won‘t hurt me, will you?” I asked softly. “Not at all, Baby, but we will make you scream,” said Felix. “We might have to tie you to

won’t know how you’re gonna get f****d next. We won’t take turns, Baby, you’ll have to handle us all at once. We’ll stretch you to the limit, Baby,

I had already allowed them to finalise the bond, they‘d be furious. They

little worried I had accepted them as my mates too hastily. There was no going back. I wondered what their parents‘ reactions would be when they saw my marks. I felt smug thinking about it. I held onto Felix tightly as I could not swim. I had never had the opportunity to learn. The triplets were all

Caribbean music and caresses of the cool breeze, warm water and the triplets. I was so exhausted when we got back to the

thick and long. How would I take

bathroom and my three mates were waiting for me rather impatiently. I had a

really nervous,” I

your word if anything becomes too much for you and we will stop,”

word. “Goldilocks,” I said laughing. The triplets

are our little Goldilocks, come to think of it,” said Alex, pulling on my curls and

Felix added, pulling me into a bear hug. “You’re my three

the triplet alphas‘ c***s would be too big and her p***y would be too small



Chapter 16 Goddess 

The triplets began undressing me I remembered my

asked hesitantly, frightened of triple penetration I‘ll take the third c*k

Baby.” said

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