Chapter 103


“Tell us more about yourself, Ayla sweetie. We would love to know about your life, hobbies…or anything you like to do. “Calista says, making me sigh.

I place my fork on the plate neatly and pick my head to look at her. Calista and Max are sitting on the opposite side of us, while Massimo sits beside me.

He could have taken any seat on the huge table but he had to stick to my side, making me flinch every

time I find him too close to me.

Lignore the way he reaches for the bowl in front of me and lean back. “I…studied business, and recently graduated.”

“That’s great.” Calista passes me a smile while Max simply nods in acknowledgment.

“Any big plans for the future?” She wonders, slicing a piece of the steak on her plate.

Future? Dad always thought I would love to join his business. I never got to voice out my own plans for

the future. After giving them a scare in childhood, I didn’t want to become a disappointment.


Are you interested in business or do you like something else?” Calista murmurs, before taking a bite

of the steak.

I shrug. “I studied business so I will probably do something related to that. It’s suitable, isn’t it?”


But do you like it?” She insists on the question.

“I… “I trail off and take a sip of water.

“You know, I studied medicine but I loved spending time with plants more than people. ” Calista sighs, a smile adorning her lips.

My brows rise. “You are a doctor?‘


Yes, she is.” Max nods, a proud look in his eyes.

“But I am not really good at it.” Calista chuckles. ” Like I said, I prefer the company of plants. That’s why—after I found Max, I started studying botany.”

“You should take a walk in our garden. Calista planted and raised all those flowers, and plants. ” Max speaks up, a warm smile playing over his lips.


Chapter 103

Like Mom and Dad, I can’t help but admire this adorable couple. When I see people in love, people like them, I wonder if I will ever have something like this even if the chances are small.

love me even after knowing that

soft sigh, filled with longing and silent


meeting Max…I feel like there is someone in this world who understands me better than anyone else. He made me happy on my terms. He always wanted me to do the things my heart desired because it made him happy.” Calista whispers, her eyes

but I notice his ears turning red. My lips curl into a grin. They must have been together for so long yet Max still reacts so

and make each other happy. Let each

like a statue. I avert my gaze to my food,

like that will ever happen between Massimo and

we were to become like this-

have hated it

only man’s touch that my body and soul


let her do what her heart wants as long as she lets me do

speaks for the first time, and sends a’shudder down my

a low and hoarse voice, seem to have an underlying

I dig into my rice with my spoon, before I yelp and it drops in the plate.

jumps to

blurt, grabbing the glass of



sure?” Calista frowns.

course.” I blurt before gulping down the water.



Chapter 103

so he can touch the

knots. I should

crawls up, his calloused fingers slipping in my inner

I put the glass down and placed my trembling fists on the table. I am going to pass out.

kick in,

hot palm down to my knee, his touch feathery and

if he owns me. Sparks start from the sole of my feet and crawl to the tips of my ears, carrying heat and an

don’t want you to choke on food. ” Massimo

to see you caring about her, Mimo. I was worried for nothing.” Aunt Calista, as oblivious

back from squirming or pushing him away. I shoot him a glare, but he is not looking

her, Aunt Calista.” He assures her, still

feet. Massimo’s hand slips away from my

eyes widen at my sudden move.

find him silently eating food, and then at Massimo to find


water. “I


“What?” She frowns.

my glass. “This water is cold. I


the server, she will get it for—”

voice. “I need to get some


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