Chapter 1390

Jeremy’s attitude made Zack feel bad about blaming him, “I reckon Nelly doesn’t intend to pursue the past anymore, and she’s just made up with you like that.”

Jeremy, “Yeah,”

Zack, “I want to ask you, do you honestly want to settle down with her?”

Jeremy, “Definitely.”

Zack, “Well if that’s the case, get your remarriage sorted out pronto. Better do it as soon as she gets out of the hospital, the sooner the better. I don’t want her and the kid tagging along with you in this situation.”

Jeremy, “No need for that.”

Hearing this, Zack got all antsy, “What the hell do you mean by that? Do you have some other scheme? Jeremy, I’m telling you, if you hurt Nelly again, I’ll be the first one to kick your ass.”

that Jeremy said nonchalantly. “We never divorced in the first place, so there’s no need

and the divorce certificate she

Zack “Really?”

Jeremy. “Really.”

about divorcing her and she would have no bearing on him, his heart would ache. So he came up with the idea of deceiving her with a fake divorce. As long as she believed they were divorced, he didn’t have

for a real divorce before

Zack, “Does Nelly know?”


her right, and take

for always

with, and I should treat her well, no need for

say anything more, but his

hurried over, “Jeremy, don’t push

remained stubborn, saying, “I’m

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