Julian's Stand in Wife

Julian's Stand in Wife

Authors:South Wind Dialect
Num Chapters:1552
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Chapter 1553

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The protagonist, Diana Winnington, is surprised to learn from her doctor that she is pregnant after three years of marriage with Julian Fulcher. She heads to Julian's banquet, held in an old mansion, to share the good news with him but is stopped by Mr. Carter, the butler, who refuses to let her in. Diana realizes that something is wrong with the banquet, as Julian usually pampers her and had never spoken a harsh word to her in their three years of marriage. She returns home to wait for Julian and confronts him about the banquet and Mr. Carter's behavior.

Julian and Kayla were in a relationship before Diana appeared. Three years ago, Diana returned to her family after being lost for 18 years, causing chaos in the Winnington family. Kayla, who was adopted to replace Diana, was caught in the middle of the mess and developed stomach cancer due to excessive worry. Julian didn't know about Kayla's condition and thought she had broken up with him when she left abroad. Julian then married Diana in a fit of rage, who looked similar to Kayla. Three years later, Julian discovered Kayla's illness and asked for a divorce from Diana. Diana was shocked and in pain, holding a pregnancy test report, and Julian promised to give her the house and $200 million in compensation. Julian realized he was wrong in his treatment of Diana and pity her at the same time. He believed she could accept the divorce openly, and Diana was left sobbing.

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Julian's Stand in Wife

Julian's Stand in Wife

1552 Chapters

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