Old Witch Kyler calmed down and said in a low voice, "I wasn’t born yesterday, Mitchel.
Stop lying to me." "Grandpa, I'm telling the truth.
Raegan and I just had a lovers' tiff," said Mitchel.
Kyler didn't believe what Mitchel said at all.
He looked at Raegan for confirmation.
"Is that true?” Raegan, who had barely gotten over the shock, patted her lips, but no words came out.
Out of the blue, Mitchel pulled her into his embrace.
His fingers grasped her shoulder as he smiled down at her like a doting husband.
"Come on, tell him." Kyler pulled Raegan over and said angrily, "Don't try to threaten her.
Raegan, tell me.
Did you two just have a simple fight?” Although Kyler was still mad at Mitchel, the joy and expectation in his eyes were glaring.
Raegan pursed her lips, put on asmile, and whispered, "Yes, it's true." "Thank God! Oh, you two almost killed me with a heart
attack!" Kyler laughed out loud.
As tears welled up in Raegan's eyes, she held Kyler's hand and said seriously, “Kyler, please take good care of yourself.” "Don't
cry, dearie!" Kyler smiled and said, "As I said earlier, I'm fine.
Don't worry about me.
I'm pushing ninety now.
If my creator says it's time for me to come back home, then I'll have no qualms.
My only regret is that I didn't get to see my _ great- grandchildren yet." Raegan sniffed and held on to Kyler's hand.
"Don't say those words.
You'll live a long life!” "Ha-ha! I hope so.

I'll wait to see my great- grandchildren then.
I'm sure they will be as cute as you.” At this time, a nurse suddenly came in and said that the patient needed rest.
Raegan quickly helped Kyler to lie down.
Before lying down, Kyler issued a warning to Mitchel, "Listen here, you brat.
If you dare to hurt Raegan, I won't let it slide.” After coming out of the ward, Mitchel strode forward ahead of Raegan.
And his words of no divorce kept resounding in Raegan's mind.
Raegan wanted to ask Mitchel for an explanation.
Did Mitchel really mean that or did he just say that to calm Kyler down and cheer him up? Her thoughts were muddled now.
She lowered her head helplessly.
Suddenly, someone grabbed her wrist.
She was pulled into the corner with a good amount of force.

Raegan looked up to find that it was Mitchel.
She staggered behind him like a little girl.
She was still wondering why he said those words Just now.
"You are really something, Raegan,” Mitchel sneered sarcastically.
Raegan was stunned.
She had no idea what he was talking about.
Mitchel gritted his teeth and questioned, "If you don't want the divorce, just say it.
Why did you have to get my grandfather involved? | already told you not to let him find out.

You saw what happened.

grandfather. She felt that even if Mitchel was oblivious to what she did, he should know that she would never do anything to hurt Kyler. Never in her wildest dreams did she imagine Mitchel would accuse her in this manner. It was so ridiculous that just then, she had been wondering whether Mitchel really didn’t want to divorce her. It turned out it was all in her head again. What a fool she had been! The ball of hope in her heart was prickled by several needles now. She smiled bitterly at him. "Wait adamn minute! You think I told Kyler about the divorce?" "Did you not?" Mitchel retorted. This wasn't a question, but an accusation. He was quite

ran his fingers through his hair and took a deep breath. "For the sake of my grandpa, we can't get divorced now." "Fine! Hit

backward glance.
Her heart was numb.
She could no longer feel any pain.
Just when she was a few steps away, a soft voice came to her ears.
"Raegan, Mitchel...” Lauren took feather-like steps toward them.
By the time she reached Mitchel, she staggered like she was about to faint.
Mitchel reached out to hold her and asked sharply, "What are you doing here?" "I came for the routine check-up and happened
to see you when you brought Kyler in." Lauren looked anxious.
"How is he doing now? Please tell me he’s okay! I'm worried about him.
Can I go see him?" Raegan spun on her heels and said curtly, "Don't disturb Kyler at the moment.
He's not expecting you, so stay away!" "Oh, my! Is it a crime that I want to check on Kyler? Why are you speaking to me so
rudely?” Lauren held her chest and looked pitiful.
Raegan twisted half of her face as she stared at the drama queen.
Kyler had just suffered a heart attack and was yet to recover.
If Lauren showed up in front of him, he might just convulse to death.
And she believed that Mitchel should also know it.
As expected, after a moment of silence, Mitchel explained, "Lauren, you can't show up in front of my grandfather now." Lauren's

eyes widened.

that no one in the Dixon family liked her, except Mitchel’s father. She wanted to work her way into the hearts of his family. Yet, Mitchel was the one standing in her way. Why? Lauren took a look at Raegan and

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