Is Mrs. Dixon Pregnant Raegan held her breath for a moment.
She was so nervous that the palms of her hands became sweaty, and her heart pounded violently.
But when she spoke, she did her best to sound as calm and normal as possible, "I just feel hot." She wasn't lying.
For some reason, she indeed felt hot.
And the heat was so suffocating that she found it difficult to breathe.
She felt very uncomfortable.
Why did Raegan feel nervous and uncomfortable? That was because Kyler sat opposite her, and Mitchel held her hand tightly
under the table.
She and Mitchel were like a young couple who fell in love with each other but had to keep it secret from their elders.
Kyler chuckled in amusement.
"Is it hot? I don't feel it that way at all.
I think young people nowadays are afraid of heat.
In my time, we actually loved playing under the sun." Kyler was so engrossed in his talking that he accidentally dropped his fork.
It fell to the floor with a clang.
The maid beside him immediately stepped forward to pick it up, but he raised his hand to stop her.
"I can do it.
I'm not yet too old to bend.” When Raegan heard this, her face turned pale at once.
If Kyler bent down, he would definitely see her and Mitchel holding hands.
The moment Kyler moved his body, her eyes widened.
Raegan was so scared that she even forgot to breathe.

Just when she thought Kyler would catch them, Mitchel reacted quickly and let go of her hand.
Raegan really thought they would be discovered by Kyler.
Fortunately, Mitchel was quick to react.
She unconsciously heaved a euphoric sigh of relief.
But she suddenly choked on the air, making her cough violently.
The noise she made attracted Kyler's attention.
While he handed his fork to the maid, he looked at her and asked worriedly, "Raegan, why are you choking again? Are you
okay?" Then he turned to Mitchel.
With an angry look in his eyes, he snapped, "Mitchel, what kind of a man are you? Can't you see that Raegan is having a hard
time? Why don't you even pat her back?" Mitchel immediately stretched out his hand upon hearing Kyler's scolding.
But before Mitchel could touch Raegan, she dodged.
Actually, she was afraid that he would make fun of her again.
Because of her reaction, Mitchel pretended to look dejected.
He looked at Kyler and said helplessly, "You see? She won't let me touch her.” Even Kyler was confused when he saw Raegan's
Kyler squinted and looked at them inquisitively.
Then he fixed his eyes on Mitchel and asked, "Did you do something that made Raegan unhappy?" Judging from Kyler’s
actuation, he was very protective of Raegan.
It was as if Raegan was his granddaughter, and Mitchel was the outsider.
At this moment, Raegan had already recovered.
She quickly added fuel to the fire by deliberately complaining, “Kyler, Mitchel doesn't know how to handle his strength.
My strength is no match for him.

I don’t want to get hurt." Kyler knew that Raegan was only joking.
This made him think that she and Mitchel had a close relationship.
He was so happy that he suddenly burst into laughter.

"Ha-ha!” Tessie Byrd, standing beside them and waiting, was surprised when she heard Kyler's crisp laughter.
The corners of her mouth curved into a happy smile.
She couldn't help commenting to Mitchel, "Mr.
Mitchel Dixon, this is my first time seeing Mr.
Kyler Dixon laugh so happily like this.
He must be really happy you came.
I hope you can visit him more often.” But when Raegan heard this, she felt depressed.
Visit Kyler more often? She would love to.
But how could she do it after their divorce? The thought that she might not be able to see Kyler anymore made her feel sad.
But what could she do? After she and Mitchel divorced, she would have nothing to do with the Dixon family.
Kyler noticed that Raegan's expression suddenly turned gloomy.

heart. He tilted his head, looked at Tessie, and said, "Hey, don't be exaggerated. Go get the treasure | prepared for Raegan." Tessie left at once. When she returned,

felt warm in her heart. "Thank you, Kyler." Raegan picked up a piece of fish and was about to eat it. But before she could put it into her mouth, her hand froze. She looked pale. Unexpectedly, her stomach churned, and she felt like retching. She quickly covered her mouth, hoping to relieve her discomfort. But the nauseous feeling was so strong that she couldn’t suppress it. When she could no longer hold back, she ran to the bathroom, closed the door, and vomited. Raegan didn't stop retching until there was only her saliva left. But she felt much better after throwing up. She rinsed her mouth, washed her face, and returned to the dining room after fixing herself up. But when she was about to walk to the table, she stopped in her tracks when she heard Tessie ask, "Is Mrs. Raegan Dixon pregnant?" Kyler got excited at once. He looked at Mitchel with a gleam of hope in his eyes. “Mitchel, is it

react when he found out she was pregnant. At this moment, Mitchel looked at Kyler

Mitchel really knew how to break her heart.
Tessie wanted to say something.
But before she could open her mouth, Mitchel interrupted her.
"We always use contraceptives, so she can't possibly get pregnant." Kyler suddenly thumped the table with his hand and
shouted angrily, "You brat! How dare you! Are you going to live without a child for the rest of your life?" "Grandpa!" Mitchel
suddenly snapped.
He frowned and added firmly, “We've already talked about this before.
I thought I had already made things clear to you.” “I know.
But I don't remember agreeing to you not having a child.
I only didn’t urge you back then because you had just gotten married.
I thought it was too early because you were still in your honeymoon phase.
But what about now? You have been married for too long.
Don't you want a child? Why? Are you wotried about something? Tell me!" Kyler could no longer contain his anger.
His blood pressure rose, and his face flushed.

really want to piss me off to death." When Raegan saw that Kyler was having difficulty breathing, she rushed over and tried to comfort him. "Kyler, calm down first. Don't blame Mitchel. It’s all my fault. I

to enjoy my life first. I don't want to be a mother at such an early age, so I suggested that we use contraceptives. Kyler, it's the truth. Believe me." However, Kyler still looked skeptical. Raegan coaxed Kyler for a while and finally amused him. She was relieved to see him smile. Then Tessie stepped forward and asked

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