Raegan Hayes was a little absent-minded at the moment.
All she could think of since this afternoon was the doctor's words.
"Congratulations! You are pregnant." Suddenly, Mitchel Dixon pinched her arm hard.
His low voice came the next second.
"Come back to earth.
What are you thinking about?" Before she could respond to that, Mitchel kissed Raegan hard after holding the back of her head
lovingly.He then went into the bathroom.
Raegan lay motionless in the massive bed.
Damp strands of her hair stuck to her temples and cheeks.
She stared at the ceiling with her eyes brimming with tears.
Her naked body was aching slightly.
After a while, she took out the pregnancy test report from the nightstand drawer.
Raegan had gone to the hospital because of an incessant stomachache.
After a urine test, the doctor broke the news to her.
She was almost five weeks pregnant! It came as a shock to her.
She and Mitchel had always used protection whenever they had sex.
After racking her brain, she traced the time of conception.
It turned out to be last month after a party.
Mitchel had driven her home and suddenly asked her at the door if she was in her safe period.
Now, it dawned on her that the period was far from safe! The pattering sound of water came from the bathroom.

Mitchel was her husband.
They had been married secretly for two years.
He was her superior at work, the president of the Dixon Group.
Everything had happened so fast.
She was newly employed in the company when they accidentally had sex for the first time after a party.
Days later, Mitchel's grandfather fell seriously ill.
It was then he proposed a fake marriage just to fulfill his grandfather's dying wish.They signed a prenup, agreeing to hide their
marriage from the public.
Their union could be terminated at any time.
It was an unconventional thing to do.
However, Raegan only considered herself lucky at that time.
Never in a million years did she think she would ever get married to the man she had a crush on for eight years.
She delightfully agreed.
After their marriage, Mitchel was very busy.
He spent most of his time working.
Raegan wished she could spend more time with him at home.
However, she was rest assured because there hadn't been any rumors or scandals about him with women in the past two years.

Except for his mild indifference, Mitchel was a perfect husband.
Raegan had mixed feelings as she stared at the pregnancy test result.
In the end, she decided to tell Mitchel the truth.

then. The shower in the bathroom finally went off. As soon as Mitchel came out, his phone rang. He went to the balcony with only a bath towel and

bath towel. His figure was a sight to behold. The packs on his belly were bulky. His buttocks were hard and his legs were long and muscular. This man was a catch! It wasn't the first time Raegan was seeing him naked. Nonetheless, she still blushed and her heart began to race at this time. Mitchel, oblivious to the wandering eyes on him, picked up his shirt and suit pants from the bed. He put them on and then knotted the tie with his slender fingers. His handsome

again?" Hearing this, Raegan blushed to the roots of her hair. Her heart thumped against her chest. She was about to say something when Mitchel let go of her Love Unbreakable / Chapter 1 Ex-girlfriend Returns | 0.50% and said, "Be good, okay? There's something I have to do. Don't wait up." With that, he headed for the door. "Mitchel." Raegan quickly ran and caught up with him. Mitchel turned around and looked at her seriously. "What's the matter?" There was a tinge of coldness to his voice. An icy cloud hung over them as they stared at each other. A little distressed, Raegan asked in a low voice, "I would like to visit my grandma tomorrow. Can you accompany me there?"

As a result, Raegan wanted to take Mitchel there to assure her grandma they were happy.
"Let's talk about it tomorrow, okay?" Without agreeing or declining, Mitchel left in a hurry.
Several thoughts were threading Raegan's mind as she took a shower and got back to bed.
She couldn't sleep a wink.
After tossing and turning for a long time, she got out of bed and made herself a warm glass of milk.
A few notifications from some online blogs came into her phone.However, she wasn't interested in them.
She was about to swipe them away when one of them caught her attention.

just to go pick up his ex-girlfriend from the airport? This realization settled like a boulder in Raegan's gut, rendering her flustered.

up in the toilet bowl. The next morning, Raegan went to work on time. Mitchel had tried to get her to stop working after they got married. Stubbornly, she insisted on making her own money. Mitchel didn't kick against her decision, but he asked her to work as his assistant, helping him

about their marriage. Since inception, only male assistants were hired for the president's office. Reagan was

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