Raegan didn't panic at all.
She just stepped to the side to avoid the juice that was spilled on the floor.
Kieran's hand didn't touch her, but he slipped by the juice and fell to the floor.
"Fuck!" Kieran cursed as he was on the brink of losing his mind.
He stood up painstakingly with one hand on his waist.
He gritted his teeth.
"You bitch! I'm gonna kill you!" "What's going on here?" Nicole had begun to get worried after neither Kieran nor Raegan returned
for dinner.
She came out to look for them, only to be surprised by this scene.
Before Raegan could utter a word, Kieran beat her to it.
"Honey!" Kieran supported his waist with both hands as he said with grievance, "You won't believe what just happened.
Raegan wanted to add me as her WhatsApp friend, but I said no.
She then got very angry and splashed juice on me." This lie rendered Raegan speechless.
What a lying bastard! She cursed in her mind.
Kieran looked at Nicole with doting eyes as he added, "Baby, you know, I'm faithful to you.
I said no to Raegan because I love you so much.
I..." "Ew! Eck!" Suddenly, Kieran's words were interrupted by a series of retching noises.
"Oh, my bad.
It wasn't intentional.
Please continue." Raegan covered her mouth with an innocent look on her face.

Her face looked slightly green as if she was indeed feeling sick now.
Anger was written all over Kieran's face at this time.
After being interrupted, the atmosphere he had just created was gone.
He could only say dryly, "You have to believe me, honey." "Oh, Kieran, " said Nicole, slapping Kieran's chest playfully.
"How could you be so silly?" Hearing this, Kieran felt very proud of himself.
This wasn't the first time he was playing such a trick.
He had a way with women to the extent that those who fell for him were willing to end friendships because of his words.
It didn't matter how strong the friendship was.
In his eyes, Nicole was just one of those stupid women.
Kieran stretched out his arms and tried to hug Nicole.
But before he could get to her, he felt a sharp pain in his groin.
Nicole had given him a hard kick with her bent knee.
"Ouch!" Kieran cried as he curled up like a shrimp while cupping his crotch.
His face turned red.
"Wanna know why I said you were silly?" Staring down at Kieran with disdain, Nicole uttered, "You said that Raegan wanted to
add you as her WhatsApp friend.

It would be more convincing if you told me that pigs can fly!" "What? You are taking her side? Have you forgotten how you said
we are a match made in heaven? Why don't you believe me now? You are breaking my heart, Nicole." Kieran was unwilling to
give up just yet.
After all, Nicole was the biggest catch he had ever got.
She was young, beautiful, and filthy rich.

"How dare you try to break up our relationship! Raegan and I have been friends for seven years! Do you think I'd throw away my holy seven-year friendship with her because

another restaurant. This bastard has contaminated this place." Behind them, Kieran's face was distorted with anger and his expression was as cold as a snake. He mumbled to himself, "This isn't over yet, bitch. One day, I'll make sure you pay for this!" Nicole and Raegan went to another restaurant, which was a very famous high-end restaurant in Ardlens. After they made their orders, Raegan said, "Nicole, the truth is, I overhead

Actually, I plan to do some freelance design work upon resignation, " Raegan said indifferently. She turned away slightly and her profile was delicate and beautiful. Now that the only woman Mitchel had ever loved was back, she was nothing in his eyes anymore. The last thing she wanted was to

She was afraid that Raegan would get hurt if she kept this relationship with Mitchel.
"You should have realized it a long time ago.
Why should you serve Mitchel like that every day? You are smart and capable.
You won various prizes with your works back in college.
A brighter future awaits you once you leave the Dixon Group." In the past, when Raegan had a crush on Mitchel, there were
many things that Nicole couldn't say, fearing that those words would hurt Raegan.
Now that Raegan's eyes had opened and seen through the situation, Nicole couldn't be happier for her.
"Have you heard the latest?" asked Nicole with her eyes shining.
"Henley is back in town! Remember how everyone in college always said that you two made a good pair?" Raegan almost
choked on the soup.

her head. After graduation, she gave Mitchel all her attention. She had lost all contact with her schoolmates, except Nicole. "Honestly, I always thought that you and Henley would end up together. You two looked like a good pair. And he was so good to you despite the two-year gap between you

to take care of the newcomers. Knowing Raegan was so blinded to the affection Henley showed, Nicole shook her head helplessly. She chewed on a piece of steak and commented, "Silly girl." "I heard Jarrod is back

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