Chapter 27 Maxwell’s decision

Bang! Bang!

The blue and white porcelain fell to the ground and broke into pieces in an instant.

The faces of Maxwell and his brother changed just in a second.

This was what their father loved the most. He used a cotton cloth to wipe the porcelain every day more than wipe his own ass.

But this time, John directly smashed it into pieces.

It was not the blue and white porcelain that was smashed, but the lifeblood of Stratton!

“Are you insane? Do you think my father isn’t sick enough? How dare you break my father’s collection? I’m going to kill you!”

Simon roared angrily. He rushed up and was about to beat John, but was stopped by Maxwell.

“Calm down. There must be a reason for Mr. Lopez to do so.”

Maxwell’s face darkened as well. He didn’t understand why he did that, but he chose to be patient.

Simon shouted with confusion, “Maxwell, can’t you see that he is deliberately coming to anger our father? Why are you still defending him?”

Maxwell remained silent.

Now he had no choice but to trust John since can’t afford to annoy him.

At this time, John had raised the second blue and white porcelain, pretending to smash it again.

Simon’s eyes were widely open. He could no longer tolerate what John did. He rushed grabbed the porcelain bottle.

But at this moment


up and

on the bed, was furious. He stood up and was about to scold John, but as soon as he opened his mouth, he suddenly vomited a lot of sour and smelly

bulging belly was flat like a

turned out that Stratton’s illness was caused by the abdominal swelling and food accumulation caused by the loss

Theory of traditional Chinese medicine, the spleen corresponds to earth, the liver to wood, and wood could conquer

which would make him burn the fire of wood

control of his spleen, so he vomited out the accumulated

cured without any

two brothers of Remar


this time, John suddenly walked to Tino and slapped him on the

Just now.

He even said, “This bastard could do treatment? I’m afraid it’s

perhaps everyone paid attention

But John heard it.

how could he be

He couldn’t stand it.

of Tino’s

fell on the vomit of Strtton. Coincidentally, he ate

It was so sour.

He called two bodyguards

I almost

Simon said apologetically.

hit John just now. Fortunately, Stratton vomited

You love your father too much.”

Stratton and smiled, “Stratton, won’t you blame me

my life. How dare I blame you?” Stratton waved his

white porcelain, it was still a good deal

life back.


I won’t accept the medical fee. As long as your family supports my sister’s

the house after saying

back, Maxwell gritted

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