Chapter 31 Beautiful doctor, I’m sick

Oracle King!

King of Horizon!

Tiger and the others were really shocked.

How could such a god of US appear in New York? And he was so young?


Everyone knelt down.

There was no need for John to say anything. As long as he mentioned the name of King of Horizon, it

was enough to make these people tremble and kneel down.

Gary was struck by lightning.

He was dumbfounded.

He was completely dumbfounded.


How could he believe that the thin child who had grown up with him in the Sunshine Welfare Center

had become the unparalleled King of Horizon.

But he himself was like a dog.

“For people like you, living is a sin. If it weren’t for Grandpa Wodehouse’s sake, I would have killed

you three or four times.”

As John spoke, he pinched Gary’s head and shook it in front of Gary’s frightened eyes. All of a

sudden, his mind went blank.

really blank

that, John left

body on the ground and suddenly shouted to the guards around him, “Mr. Dracul committed suicide. Do

“Yes, Mr. Tiger!”

walked out of Millionaire, he saw Alice Moon rushing towards him

stunned when she saw

Dracul do anything

is so powerful that he would even kneel down before me.

things difficult

moment, he no longer had the domineering aura just now. He was just an ordinary

breathed a sigh of relief. “Fortunately, you’re fine, or I’ll

John was speechless.

would skin his

way, didn’t you say that you were going to see our second sister? Let’s go. I’ll take you there.” Alice

you going to work

Why don’t I go with you? Get in the car


to nod and suddenly asked, “Alice,

“Who is it?”

“Gary Williams.”

I don’t know him.

Normally, men would drive more this kind of car, and it was not suitable

But Alice was different.

bold and unrestrained black Benz was in line with her queen’s

speeding on the road

you know everything about our second sister?” Alice

told me.” John

experienced doctor. She used to work in New

clinic named

front of us.” When the car was about to

get out

need me

Didn’t you expose my identity

at him and said, “I think it’s more like a fright. I warn you, the second sister is

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