Chapter 22 The new work of Master of Clouds


At the Oriental auction house.

It was crowded with people.

Such a grand occasion could only appear at the concert of some superstar.

Master of Clouds was the superstar of the calligraphy and painting world.

Alice was flattered and asked, “John, how did you get such a good seat?”

When she just got the ticket yesterday, she was too excited to notice the seat number.

It was not until today that she arrived at the scene that she found that it was an absolutely center


Whether the light, the view, or the comfort of the seat, they were all adjusted to the best.

The people who used to sit here were all famous collectors in the calligraphy and painting world.

Ordinary people were not qualified to sit here at all.

Alice could feel that many people were looking at her, as if they were wondering who she was.

However, John said calmly, “Maybe I’m lucky!”

“Are you kidding me?”

Alice rolled her eyes at him and said, “If you are lucky enough, you can buy the lottery.”

She didn’t believe he was so lucky that he had bought two best seats with consecutive numbers.

Besides, she heard that these seats were reserved in the auction house and were not for sale.

It must be a lie.

However, John just smiled and said nothing to the question of Alice.

Alice had no choice but to drag him to the bed to question after the auction.

At this moment, in the last row of seats, there were several gloomy eyes staring at the backs of the




dare they sit on that


kind of trash chair was

“Ladies and gentlemen…”

stage and made a set of opening remarks, and then began to

first few items were just for fun, and no one was interested

the final item.

after several rounds of

new work of Master of Clouds, which


was in an

enthusiastic collectors can’t wait to

stage with

host deliberately kept in suspense and

of Clouds’ new work is. I think you will be surprised

Show it to me

Everyone wailed.

delayed for a while. Seeing that everyone was impatient, he asked the sexy woman to

item finally showed

this painting, they were

was indeed created by Master of

Eagle Rests on the Tree?” Someone recognized

painting of Eagle Rests on the Tree, which had been


to be a new one? The Oriental auction house

make such a stunt?”

is a fraud.

although I’m not happy, I’ve decided

Everyone expressed their dissatisfaction.

were not dissatisfied with the painting, but with the

auction house didn’t use the stunt of the new work of Master of

one but used an old painting. This

of Master of Clouds, they would

Mr. Johnson saw the painting,

collected this painting? Why

the painting I have

my house

Mr. Johnson felt uneasy.

the face of so many angry audiences, the host did not panic at all. He smiled and

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