Chapter 450 The Thoughts of Faith Wood

The relationship between Violet and John was completely at odds.

At the same time.

At the VIP reception of the Cinnabar Sect, Faith Wood also encountered a difficult problem.

In order to find out the information about the inheritor of Queen Cyan’s will, she had said everything she

could think of


No matter what kind of deals she offered, express or implied, Mark Leonard just wouldn’t buy it.

This old man always had a smile on his face.

But he just wouldn’t let her get to the point.

Feeling helpless, Faith asked tentatively

“When I was outside just now, I heard a few disciples of your sect talking about the inheritor of Queen Cyan’s

will. Is he a young man?”

“Ha ha, maybe. They are just guessing. You can’t believe it.”

Mark replied with a smile, but in his heart, he was disdainful. What did she mean by hearing it by accident?

She was obviously inquiring about this matter on purpose.


Faith gritted her teeth and said, “You don’t have to be so vigilant against me. Although we have different

positions, we have known each other for so many years, I think I deserve some respect from you.”

only used in the Cinnabar Sect, but also often sold to

buy elixirs. Because of that, she had a good


a gentle smile on his face, Mark said, “Mrs. Moore, if you come here for another reason, I will definitely show you respect. However, for this

the inheritor of Queen Cyan’s will, the one in destiny. As long as they established a good relationship

knew about this, there would be

tell her.

do nothing but

such a tight mouth that he didn’t want to reveal any relevant information.

not willing to give

it from a personal point of view, regardless of the sects behind us,” said Faith after thinking for a while.

on his face, Mark asked, “What do you

the Cloud School. I’ll ask you the information about the inheritor of Queen Cyan’s will

“What’s the difference?”

that I can guarantee that even I know the identity of the inheritor, I won’t leak it out. When I go back to the Cloud School, I will tell them that I got

Mark was speechless.

woman was really treating him like a fool!

to make a promise, “If you don’t believe

thought, Faith guessed that he wouldn’t believe her, so she changed her mind and said,

daughter called Violet Moore. I can let Violet leave


as Mark heard this, he immediately

want me to be a matchmaker and introduce your daughter to the inheritor of

a smart

She admitted frankly.

Cyan’s will was a

a great joy if her daughter could be chosen by the one in

that her daughter’s beauty would definitely attract the mysterious

afraid that the inheritor has already been married or has a girlfriend?” said Mark with a smile.

strong enough, polygamy means

world.” Faith replied.

It might not be appropriate to do such a thing outside the

depended on


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