Chapter 2296

Leighton was taken aback, his ears turning red as he met Nicole's teasing gaze.

"You're the one who's dumb! I know it’s pronounced petty!1"

Nicole blinked and helpfully pointed out, "But you just said 'pi' not 'pe'.”

Leighton stiffened. "No, I didn't."

"Yes, you did."

"I didn't!"

Estelle heard it too." Nicole nodded toward

wanting to get involved in their childish argument, Estelle cleared his throat and said, "I didn't catch what you were

wonder so many young idols are clueless these days.

kick her out of the

"Leighton just isn't great at the language. He's fine in

an educator before she retired, and his siblings excelled in school. Leighton’s younger brother even won

younger brother, but his grades were respectable. He secretly applied to a regular program at a film academy, intending to switch

switch to Salcator

too many classes in his fourth and fifth

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