Chapter 1390

"I'm going to focus on my acting career. I want to win some major awards and become the highest-earning actress so that you won't have to lift a finger once we get remarried. You can relax at home, and I'll take care of everything," said Stella.

Keegan was stunned to hear that. His lips twitched, as he said, "Is that what you wanted to tell me? That I should be a stay-at-home husband? Only you could say something so audacious!"

Stella playfully pinched his cheek and said, "Well, I can't let you strut around and have people drool all over you. It's better if you stay at home."

"I doubt you can support me with the amount of money you make,” Keegan snorted.

Stella blinked and said, "What? But you hardly spent a dime when we were still married. Look at the clothes I've bought you. My handbag alone probably costs more than your entire wardrobe."

Her words left Keegan at a loss for words. "And, you have the audacity to say that out loud?"

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