Logan and Esther had to keep an eye on the group while closely monitoring Bradley. When Logan spotted Bradley entering the dance floor, he swiftly pulled Esther away from it. He knew that any trouble caused by Bradley at this moment could jeopardize their mission, and he couldn’t allow that.

Logan led Esther directly back to the sports car and instructed her, “Wait in the car.”

Esther wasn’t really afraid of Bradley discovering her, but she was concerned that his aggressive behavior might interfere with her and Logan’s mission.

“In fact, we don’t need to watch the bar in person,” Esther said as she took out her phone and tapped the screen. She successfully hacked into the bar’s surveillance system, but the limited number of cameras meant that the footage she obtained was also limited.

Logan looked at Esther and said, “I’ll go in. You wait here. Remember, don’t expose yourself, understood?”

“I understand,” Esther replied, acknowledging her role as a temporary partner, and she followed Logan’s orders.

Logan glanced at Esther and headed into the bar. As soon as he entered, Bradley intercepted him. Bradley’s imposing figure blocked Logan’s path like an insurmountable obstacle.

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