Chapter 3042

In Nicole's quiet office, she was sorting through many papers during a busy time.

Over at SeaQuartet Holdings, an assistant rushed into Mr. Wright's office, blurting, "Mr. Wright, about the port..." "Calm down. Just tell me clearly," Everett said, a bit annoyed.

After a moment to collect himself, the assistant shared, looking serious," We just found out Riddle Corporation's materials from abroad are stored in Johnston Group's special warehouse."

Everett went pale.

Before this, he was struggling to understand why he couldn't get updates on the material stuff. He thought Jared was helping Nicole, and he was sure she was depending on Jared for more help. So, Everett had a plan to mess up Jared's support later.

But, surprise! Nicole had it covered. She and Jared were working together smoothly.

"Mr. Wright, what should we do next?" the assistant asked seriously.

all the port records. Figure out when Nicole's other shipments are coming," Everett said. He was sure moving such a


looked kinda mean when he asked in a deep voice, "Have our people shown up?" "They're

start working," Everett said, sounding

assistant agreed and then

He seemed lost in thought, like his mind was going

sky, Nicole and Lulu made their way to the elevator, signaling the end

her to have other plans,"

mentioned feeling a bit restless, so she decided to head

raised her eyebrows in surprise. "Why, though? The ship isn't here until tomorrow morning, right?" "Guess she thinks she'll rest easier knowing everything's

in her voice. "She's really pushing herself, even more

a reassuring smile. "Let's just give her some space. It might just be

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the company premises, spotting Spencer's car. She waved to Nicole, "See you tomorrow." "Take

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