Chapter 17 You Knew This Right from the Start
Gareth looked startled. Taking advantage of this, Elisa broke free and swung her leg up in a roundhouse kick.
But Gareth dodged it! The veins in his forehead started to throb.
“Elisa Benett!”
He never thought that the day would come where she would bare her fangs at him!
Elisa smirked at him, “Mr. Wickam, I’m sorry for making you wait but no dice.”
She headed to the door.
The vein started to throb even more violently, but this time, he did not stop her. This Elisa was different from the one he knew to the extent that the woman that he had been married to for the past three years were a façade.
Had she decided to set aside all pretence of cordiality now that there was no benefit to be had for her?
No! She must be up to something!

He wasn’t going to change his mind just because of this!
He watched her as she placed her hand on the door handle. But she did not engage it. Her hand sat on the handle gently. She turned slowly back at him.
Gareth smirked. He knew she was playing games!
What a sly woman!
However, Elisa looked at him indifferently, “If Mr. Wickam truly had the Wickam family’s best interest in mind then hurry up and finalise the divorce. Don’t contact me unless it’s about that divorce certificate. Let’s part ways without any bad feelings towards each other.”
She then walked out without looking back.
As she was walking out, she noticed a figure darting by out of the corner of her eye.
Even though she moved quite quickly, Elisa knew it was Linda by the color of her dress.
She smirked and went back to her own room.
Will looked up at Elisa’s unbothered face and smiled, “What took you so long?”
Elisa pulled out a chair and sat down. “I saw a fly and spent some time trying to get rid of it.”
Gareth just managed to walk by their doorway just as she said that. His face darkened further.
Will raised a brow at her, “Gareth came looking for you, huh?”
Elisa stayed quiet. Her silence was all Will needed to know.
Will glanced at her curiously, “Are you guys officially divorced yet?”
Elisa took a sip of juice, “The paper’s been signed. I’m just waiting for him to be free so that we can head down there to submit it.”

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