Chapter 34 There Must Be Something Fishy Between Them!
“When the time comes, you guys will know.”
“What the heck! Do you still deem me as a close friend?”
“Of course! So, I’m going to cook for you tonight.”
Rachel was an avid foodie, and Elisa was a brilliant cook, so the latter managed to avert the former’s attention immediately when she offered to cook dinner.
“Can I have braised pork belly, sweet and sour fish, fried meatballs…”
Rachel went on and requested eight dishes.
Elisa smiled. “Are you able to finish so many dishes?”
“Definitely! I’m a big eater!”
“Sure, sure.”

The two friends had a pleasant talk as they walked back home. While they were preparing the ingredients in the kitchen, the doorbell rang out of the blue.
Rachel was confused. “Who is that? Did you tell anyone else this address?”
Elisa frowned. Besides Gareth and Linda, only Rachel knew this place.
Although Will was aware of the neighborhood that she was staying in, he didn’t know the exact unit number.
Elisa reckoned it couldn’t possibly be Gareth and Linda.
She put down the vegetables in her hand and took a napkin to dry her hand. “I’ll go and take a look.”
Rachel too walked out in perplexity. When she saw the visitor through the camera, she was dumbfounded. “Oh my gosh, it’s Will Darcey!”
Elisa was at a loss for words.
She could see Will carrying two bags of gifts in his hand.
Since he found her place, he must have come prepared, so Elisa had no choice but to open the door.
Will was surprised when he saw Elisa wearing an apron. “Are you cooking?”
Elisa nodded and gazed at him in confusion. “What brings you here at this hour, Mr. Darcey?”
Will smiled. “May I come in?”
Elisa stood aside and got him a pair of indoor slippers.
After closing the door, Will passed the gift packs to Elisa. Just as he was about to say something, he noticed a figure in the kitchen and lifted his brows in surprise. “Hey, Rachel.”
Astonished, Rachel turned around. “You know me, Mr. Darcey?”
“I know all Elisa’s friends.”
Rendered speechless, Rachel gave him a thumbs-up.
Amazing! Rather than making the others suspicious of his intention, he directly admitted that he knows me so that he won’t appear annoying.
Elisa stared at the gift boxes and asked, “What is this?”

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