Chapter 19 Are You Trying to Rekindle My Feelings for Him?
Linda pretended not to see them and wrapped her arms around Gareth’s shoulders. “Gareth, it was just a trip. I’m fine. I can walk just fine on my own if you put me down.” She giggled.
Gareth responded calmly, “Let’s get you checked up first.”
He left in a hurry with her in his arms without sparing a glance at Will and Elisa just a few feet away.
It was as Elisa had thought, Linda was still the most important person to Gareth.
For some reason, fate always made sure she was there to witness these things happening. Thankfully, she had no more feelings for him.
Previously, when Linda was still unconscious, they would never have these kinds of interactions.
But now that Linda was awake, everything was different. Linda had a presence. Linda and Gareth were in love. If Elisa had stayed obsessed with Gareth like before, Linda would have driven her crazy and she would have died from heartbreak.
Will observed Elisa’s reaction. He was surprised when he saw that instead of sadness for this situation, she seemed to only feel disdain. He didn’t say anything, and just smiled at her. “I’ll send you home.”

Elisa shook her head, “I’m fine. I’m just gonna call a cab.”
Will disapproved, “I’m not going to let a girl go home on her own. That’s not something a gentleman would do. Let’s go.”
Elisa frowned, but seeing that they would be working together in the future, she relented. He would find out where she was living soon enough anyways.
“I’ll be in your care then, Mr. Darcey.”
Trouble usually comes in twos.
When Elisa reached the carpark, she found that Gareth had also parked nearby. They arrived just in time to see Gareth carefully carrying Linda into the car.
Elisa snorted. Was fate teasing her?
They had never met this often whilst they were married.
Will glanced at her and whispered, “Would you like me to do that too?”
“Huh?” Elisa did not catch what he meant.
Will blinked at her with wide doe-like eyes and said sarcastically, “Carry you into the car. My princess deserves nothing less.”
Elisa’s mouth twitched as she tried to keep herself from laughing. “Your flirting techniques are useless on a divorced old crone like me.”
Will arched a brow at her, “Miss Iris, you’ll always be number one in my heart. As long as you know the respect you deserve, nothing anyone can say will change that.”
Self-respect has two meanings.

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